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ANPGSchool of Creative Industries

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Key Details

Program Start Dates

September 2024

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Program Delivery

Campus / Full-time


Ontario College Advanced Diploma

Program Duration

6 Semesters

Program Contacts

James Munro

Program Coordinator / Professor

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705-566-8101 ext.7776
International Admissions
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Program Overview

Ignite your imagination: Learn to animate in 2D and 3D 

Do you dream of working in the animated film, television, or gaming industry? Cambrian’s talented Animation professors are veterans of favourites like the Tom and Jerry Show, 9, and Tarzan. 
You’ll gain a working knowledge of traditional, 2D, and 3D methods of animation, and master the 12 principles of animation. Our program is concept-based and still emphasizes the importance of drawing techniques. Your storytelling skills will come alive using the latest technology in our 13,900-square-foot studio. When you graduate, you’ll jumpstart your career as an animation artist with a professional portfolio and demo reel. 

Program Highlights

Program highlights

  • Develop dynamic storytelling, drawing, design, and animation skills 
  • Graduate with a production-ready portfolio 
  • Train at Cambrian’s 13,900-square-foot animation studio 
  • Toon Boom Centre of Excellence 
  • Opportunity to showcase your work to industry representatives on a field trip to Toronto


Admission requirements

For graduates of the new curriculum (OSS): Ontario Secondary School Diploma (30 credits) or equivalent or mature student status including:

  • Any grade 12 English (C) or (U)
  • Submission of a portfolio (see additional admission requirements)

International Student Admissions

Are you an international student? Learn more about additional requirements.

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Additional admission requirements

Portfolio requirements

In order to be accepted for admission in Cambrian College’s Animation Program, students are required to submit a portfolio.  All entries should be submitted on 8 1/2" x 11" paper (no original artwork) and should include the following elements:

Life Studies

Two (2) drawings are from life, either a human model or an animal.  The drawings should reflect an attempt to understand:

  • structure and anatomy
  • proportion
  • perspective
  • mass and volume
  • visual appeal and rhythm
  • balance

One (1) drawing of the artist’s hand and forearm that shows and understanding of the above elements.  The drawing can be loose.

Character Study

Design a character and draw this character in a variety of poses (minimum of 5 poses).  Each pose should show a different emotion.  It is important to think about the character as an actor.  Students should pay close attention to the following:

  • structure and solid 3D construction 
  • perspective
  • mass and volume
  • appeal
  • continuity of model (is it the same character in each pose?) 

Perspective Study

One (1) drawing of a room in your home.  This drawing should showcase knowledge of the following:

  • perspective
  • depth and 3D space
  • proportion
  • visual appeal

This drawing should be a clean line drawing.

Personal Work

Six (6) to ten (10) pieces that reflect your style and skill.  These can be drawings and paintings.  If you would like you can show a mix of classical and digital art.

Submission Process

Please mail your portfolio to the following address: 

James Munro
c/o Cambrian College
1400 Barrydowne Road
Sudbury, ON, Canada
P3A 3V8

Portfolios can also be submitted digitally to the following email address:

Remember, presentation says a lot about who you are and your work ethic.  Good luck!


  • Grade 11 or 12 credits in visual arts and/or media arts (M) or (O)

Academic Upgrading

Are you missing admission requirements? Strengthen your academic skills for free at your own pace through Academic Upgrading!

Program Delivery

Program delivery


Fall Term Start

SEMESTER 1:  Fall 2024
SEMESTER 2:  Winter 2025
SEMESTER 3:  Fall 2025
SEMESTER 4:  Winter 2026
SEMESTER 5:  Fall 2026
SEMESTER 6:   Winter 2027

Program of Study

Program of study for 2024-25 Academic Year 

Plan of Study Grid
Semester 1Credits
ANI 1001Life Drawing I3
ANI 1002Animation I3
ANI 1003Design I2
ANI 1004Drawing and Painting I3
ANI 1005Digital Methodologies: Tools2
ANI 1006Visual Language2
ANI 1121Animation History and Styles2
ENG 1002College Communications3
One General Education course. 13
Semester 2
ANI 1008Animation II3
ANI 1009Design II2
ANI 1010Story Concepts2
ANI 1011Drawing and Painting II3
ANI 1039Life Drawing II3
ANI 1040Digital Methodologies-3D I3
ANI 1018Digital Methodologies -2D Animation2
Semester 3
ANI 1014Animation III3
ANI 1015Design III2
ANI 1016Story and Visual Narrative I2
ANI 1050Digital Methodologies – 2D II2
ANI 1041Life Drawing III3
ANI 1042Digital Methodologies-3D II3
ANI 2315Layout and Design I3
One General Education course. 13
Semester 4
ANI 1020Animation IV3
ANI 1021Design IV2
ANI 1022Story and Visual Narrative II2
ANI 1051Digital Methodologies – 2D III2
ANI 1025Digital Methodologies-Modeling I2
ANI 1043Life Drawing IV3
ANI 1044Digital Methodologies-3D III3
ANI 2415Layout & Design II3
Semester 5
ANI 1026Production Processes-Story2
ANI 1028Animation V3
ANI 1029Design V2
ANI 1030Production Processes-Layout3
ANI 1032Design and Art Direction3
ANI 1045Life Drawing V3
ANI 1046Digital Methodologies-3D IV3
One General Education course. 13
Semester 6
ANI 1034Animation VI6
ANI 1035Design VI2
ANI 1036Production Processes-Background3
ANI 1038Digital Methodologies-Modeling II3
ANI 1047Life Drawing VI3
ANI 1048Digital Methodologies-3D V3
ANI 1052Digital Methodologies – 2D IV3
 Total Credits127

For more information regarding General Education courses, click here.


Tuition Cost

Canadian Students

$8,643.67Estimated first year costView fee breakdown

International Students

$17,739.58Estimated first year costView fee breakdown

Important Notice

Fees presented are estimates based on projections for future academic year(s) of study. Actual fees charged may differ from what is published here. A full detailed listing of all fees is available in myCambrian and updated annually no later than May 1 for the following academic year. Students in Academic Upgrading are responsible for any fees listed on their invoice each term.

Tuition and ancillary fees

Please see our fees page for the breakdown of tuition and mandatory ancillary fees by program and semester for both domestic and international students.

Books and supplies

Books and supplies may be required at the course level over and above what is estimated above. Please consult your professor/instructor for further information.

College may be more affordable than you think!

Have you said, “school can wait another year”? Don’t sacrifice your future any longer – you can do it!

Whether it’s fear, financial reasons, or something else that is impacting your decision to start school, we’re here to listen to you and help in any way we can!

Work-integrated learning (WIL)

Take your education beyond the classroom!

Cambrian programs blend academic learning, hands-on training, and community involvement opportunities to help you achieve your ultimate goal – your dream career. You’ll have the opportunity to apply your knowledge to real-world scenarios within and outside of the classroom through work-integrated learning. Whether it be a capstone project, co-op, practicum, preceptorship component, or placement, you’ll benefit from a practical, job-related experience before you graduate.

Field of Study

School of Creative Industries

Looking to further your craft and pursue a career where your creativity can lead to a fulfilling career? At Cambrian, a program in Creative Industries allows you to tap into your talents and develop skills that can allow you to pursue that ideal job. You’ll learn from industry professionals who have been able to create and succeed in the modern workplace.

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Specific program pathways

College or university degree opportunities  

If you are a graduate of this program, you may continue your studies at a college or university and you may receive credit(s) for your prior college education. Refer to Cambrian’s college and university agreement details for further information. 

Career Outcomes

Employment opportunities

Graduates may find employment in entertainment, information, and education, and training industries that include the following:

  • Feature
  • Television
  • Advertising
  • Internet
  • Video games
  • Visual aids
media1Media2A radiology student Julia working with equipment.

Need a career coach?

Explore how this program can lead to a great career! Cambrian’s Career Coach platform is a user-friendly, online tool that provides up-to-date and comprehensive labour market data to help you explore career options, salary expectations for the Greater Sudbury region, and more!

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Minimum technology requirements

Success in this program requires that you come equipped with some program-specific technology requirements.

Bring your own device (BYOD)

Cambrian College has implemented a BYOD principle to both enrich the student learning experience in and out of the classroom and to ensure flexibility!

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Start gaining the highest level of skills at Cambrian now – and you’ll be ready to take advantage of the many career opportunities waiting for you just around the corner. The future is yours!

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