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School of Creative Industries

Step through the portal into the realm of creative industries!

In the world of creativity, challenges are not seen as roadblocks but as stepping stones. There is a thrill in turning abstract concepts into tangible expressions and seeing your ideas come to life. At Cambrian’s School of Creative Industries, we want to turn your artistic talent into a viable career.

Our Art and Design Fundamentals program explores where your strengths lie. You’ll experiment with a rich cross-section of style and media, from drawing to 3D design to printmaking. But our commitment to your talent goes far beyond the canvas — we guide you through the steps of building a personal brand in our Design and Visual Arts program.

Master the ability to communicate across a variety of platforms, from YouTube to podcasts to social media, with our Media Communications program. Transform your storytelling abilities into a rewarding career. Join the ranks of great communicators when you learn the ropes of the public relations industry.

In our Game Design program, you’ll go from concept to market-ready productions as you learn to develop authentic experiences for both consumer enjoyment and commercial training. Our Graphic Design program transforms you from a neophyte into a graduate with a professional-grade portfolio prized by potential employers. The field of creative industries is your doorway to a fulfilling, impactful career.

Programs in the School of Creative Industries


Parvinder Arora


Dean, Schools of Business, Creative Industries and Information Technology

Languages Spoken:

English, Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu

Pamela Teed

Chair, Schools of Information Technology and Creative Industries

Languages Spoken:

English, French