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Workplace Attire Policy

Workplace Attire Policy Information

Date Approved: October 23, 2020
Effective Date: October 23, 2020
Date Reviewed: Winter 2020
Replaces: Workplace Attire 2008


This Workplace Attire Policy (the “Policy”) is designed to guide employees on the required standards of appearance and dress at Cambrian College (the “College”).

Application/ Scope

All College employees.

Policy Statements

  1. All employees are required to be neat, clean and tidy in a way to present themselves at all times in accordance with their professional status and dress, in a manner appropriate to their role, whether working on the College’s premises or elsewhere.
  2. Departments and divisions may, at times, adopt higher standards of appearance and dress to ensure that specific job requirements are being met. Such higher standards may be set at the discretion of individual department heads based on business considerations. The department heads must communicate these specific standards to affected employees.
  3. Employees who are required to wear a uniform must ensure that they do so during working hours, unless otherwise advised by their supervisor.
  4. Employees who occupy roles that require personal protective equipment (“PPE”) must wear all required PPE while carrying out their duties as required by law and the College’s policies.

Responsibilities and Accountability

Director Human Resources has the responsibility for ensuring the integrity, communication and application of this Policy.

College Administrators have the responsibility for

  • Ensuring that direct reports are aware of, and adhere to, this Policy.
  • Investigate potential breaches of this Policy and take the necessary actions to remediate issues.

Employees have the responsibility for

  • Being familiar with this Policy.
  • Complying with the requirements of this Policy.

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