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Health and Safety Policy

Health and Safety Policy Information

Date Approved: June 30, 2023
Effective Date: June 30, 2023
Date Reviewed: May 2023
Replaces: Health and Safety Policy 2021


To express Cambrian College’s (‘the College’) commitment to health and safety.


Joint Occupational Health and Safety Committee: a committee, comprised of members representing staff unions as well as the College, whose functions include – inspection, identification, evaluation, and recommending a resolution of all matters pertaining to occupational health and safety in the workplace to the College; encouraging adequate education and training programs; and addressing matters related to all applicable Regulations.

Workers: refers to all College staff/employees.

Application/ Scope

All College Workers, contractors, students, tenants, and visitors.

Policy Statements

  1. General
    1. Cambrian College is committed to:
      1. Providing a safe, healthy, and environmentally responsible workplace and learning environment for its Workers and students by implementing health and safety programs and procedures that meet or exceed the requirements of the Occupational Health and Safety Act and its Regulations, and other applicable legislation and codes.
      2. Protecting the safety of Workers, students, contractors and visitors against accidents and occupational hazards.
      3. Complying with all relevant regulations and standards relating to occupational health and safety.
      4. Giving priority to safe working conditions and job safety practices in the planning, budgeting, direction and implementation of College activities.
    2. The College, in consultation with the Joint Occupational Health and Safety Committee, shall make certain that all other policies and operating procedures meet the goals of this Policy.
    3. All Workers, contractors, tenants, students, and visitors shall comply with all relevant legislation and all College policies and procedures regarding health and safety.
    4. All Workers are responsible for knowing and observing pertinent regulations in the work area and for following safe work procedures.
    5. Each Worker is expected to report unsafe conditions and unsafe behaviour to their supervisor.
  2. Administrators
    1. Administrators are accountable for maintaining the standards that are required to meet this Policy –
      1. Ensuring that pertinent regulations and safe work procedures are followed by all Workers.
      2. Ensuring adequate training is provided to the Worker appropriate to their job requirements.
      3. Implementing safe work procedures on the worksite.
    2. Administrators must implement all the necessary measures and programs to eliminate or control potential health and safety hazards associated with activities under their supervision.

Responsibilities and Accountability

President is responsible for

  • Ensuring College-wide implementation and compliance of this Policy and associated process and procedures.

Vice President, International, Finance and Administration is responsible for

  • Ensuring the development, review, and availability for this Policy.

Administrators are responsible for

  • Familiarizing themselves with the requirements of, and related to, this Policy.
  • Ensuring their Workers are familiar and comply with the requirements of this Policy and any associated procedures.
  • Providing direction regarding the implementation of appropriate health and safety procedures for their areas of responsibility.
  • Undertaking regular review of effectiveness of health and safety procedures and implementing appropriate remedial actions as required.
  • Ensuring participation as required in health and safety incidences.

Workers are responsible for

  • Familiarizing themselves with the requirements of, and related to, this Policy.
  • Using safe work practices on all assignments as governed by College policies and procedures, the act and regulations.