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Website Governance Policy

Website Governance Policy Information

Date Approved: June 8, 2020
Date Revised: Winter 2020
Date Reviewed: Winter 2020
Replaces: Website Policy and Procedures 2006


To provide a framework for ensuring a strong and positive brand, aligned with Cambrian College’s (the “College”) mission, vision and values, is reflected through the College’s web presence.


Microsite: A smaller web property controlled and approved by the College and specifically created to serve and/or promote a specific department, agency or initiative at the College that warrants exceptional and stand-alone audience attention and serves a purpose as an extension and value-add to the College’s digital properties.
Senior Team: For the purpose of this policy, means the President and any Vice President, Associate Vice President and Executive Director.
Website: Refers to the College’s corporate Website or web presence.

Webpage: Refers to another page within the College’s Website that may be specific to a program, unit, administrative service, student service, etc.

Application/ Scope

All College employees.


  1. General
    1. The College’s Website is an official publication of the College. It is essential to the College’s success in the recruitment of prospective students as well as key stakeholders such as donors, business leaders, community partners and educators. As such, the Website is a key communication and marketing tool designed primarily to enhance the College’s brand and to promote its programs and services.
  2. Permission
    1. College Advancement, in consultation with relevant College departments, approves and determines all content, and content placement and priority, on the College Website and all associated Webpages.
    2. College Advancement has the accountability for assessing, and approving for development, all requests for the creation of a Microsite.
    3. When determining the appropriateness of creating a Microsite, consideration is given to:
      1. The distinctiveness of the department, agency or initiative from the College’s core business functions
      2. The primary audience to be served by the Microsite
      3. The ability/capacity of the requesting department, agency, or initiative to ensure the Microsite is properly and effectively maintained
    4. For all approved Microsites, a Manager (and/or designate) of College Advancement must also be included as an administrator with full rights, access and privileges.
  3. Content
    1. The structure, placement and prioritization of all content of the College’s Website aligns with the strategic enrolment objectives of the College.
    2. The College takes every effort to ensure the accuracy, integrity and clarity of content created for and presented on its Website and Microsites.
    3. Content on the Website and Microsites is limited to that which is produced by the College and/or serves the College’s interests.
    4. All content must adhere to all legal requirements, College policies and Accessibility for Ontarians with Disability Act, 2005, S.O. 2005, c. 11 accessibility standards. Content is made available in alternative formats upon request.
    5. Content on Microsites must be relevant only to College business and not used for private financial gain or for the purpose of engaging in any illegal or otherwise questionable activity that could harm the College’s reputation and interests.
    6. The College reserves the right to review all materials of a College Microsite and to edit or remove any material, which it, in its sole discretion, believes may be unlawful, obscene, abusive or otherwise objectionable.
    7. The College does not permit, in part or in whole, the replication of any content regarding program admission requirements, programs of study and program recruitment information on any Microsite.

Responsibilities and Accountability

Senior Team is responsible for

  • Ensuring overall integrity and effective management of the College Website and associated Microsites.

College Advancement is responsible for

  • Setting the overall direction and priorities for the Website
  • Providing overall leadership and guidance in the development, management, and monitoring of the College Website and any Microsite including:
    • Ensuring and managing the corporate look and consistency throughout the site
    • Ensuring content and style uniformity and conformity
      Developing and ensuring adherence to visual appearance (design), layout, and promotional approach of the site
    • Ensuring content and style consistency with corporate standards
  • Ensuring the integration and approval of all applications/sections, corporate links, etc.
  • Ensuring the technical construction and linkages, as required and applicable, warranting that the linkages throughout the site are accurate and user-friendly
  • Investigating and resolving any non-compliance issues
  • Soliciting and evaluating user feedback to evolve web design, governance and architecture.

College Departments/Agencies of Microsites are responsible for

  • Managing the day-to-day maintenance/upkeep of the Microsite after having received the proper training provided by the Communications department and any other necessary department (Marketing, IT).
  • Notifying the Manager of Communications of the Microsite’s lifespan including expectations of launch (publication) and removal of the Microsite upon end of term of use or in the case where the Microsite has not been maintained properly.