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Transcripts, GPA, and policies


Get help with transcripts, your GPA and more!

Need to know your GPA, or get a copy of your transcripts? Learn more about how your GPA is calculated and how to obtain your official transcripts!


At Cambrian, our letters go by numbers when determining your Grade Point Average (GPA).

Need to know your GPA?

A letter grade of A, B, C, D, or F is assigned and to calculate your average, these are assigned a numeric point value of 4, 3, 2, 1, and 0 respectively.

Grade point description

GradePoint description
A – 80% to 100%Course objectives are met in a consistently outstanding manner (4 pts.)
B – 70% to 79%Course objectives are met in a consistently thorough manner (3 pts.)
C – 60% to 69%Required course objectives have been met (2 pts.)
D – 50% to 59%Limited fulfillment of course objectives with weakness in some or all areas (1 pt.)
F – Less than 50%Course objectives have not been met, credit is not granted (0 pts.)
AUThe course has been audited, credit is not granted (0 pts.)


How is your GPA calculated?

The credit value of each course is multiplied by the points earned, thereby resulting in a grade point for every course. For example:

  • ENG 1500 – 3 credits grade of A = 3 credits x 4 points = 12 grade points
  • PSY 1100 – 3 credits grade of C = 3 credits x 2 points = 6 grade points
  • BIO 1200 – 4 credits grade of B = 4 credits x 3 points = 12 grade points
  • LAW 1100 – 3 credits grade of F = 3 credits x 0 points = 0 grade points
  • Total: 13 credits = 30 grade points

The grade point average (GPA) is calculated by dividing the total grade points by the total credits. In the case illustrated above, the GPA is 2.31.

Items not calculated into the GPA


Unofficial transcripts are available at all times within the myCambrian student portal.

Official transcripts are signed by the Registrar and bear the college seal. Cambrian College has partnered with MyCreds™ to provide students with digital access to official transcripts in an efficient, timely, and secure manner. It also can send official transcripts to prospective employers, government offices, and others.

Please note: downloaded transcripts from the MyCreds™ Learner Portal are not official, as they are subject to tampering and their authenticity cannot be verified by the receiver. Only transcripts shared via the MyCreds™ Learner Portal are considered official.

If you have recently completed your studies, within two weeks of the end of term, you will receive an email from MyCreds™ with further instructions on how to access your official transcripts.

If you are a former student, fill out a request form.

Appeals, repeats and reports

At Cambrian College, we’re always open to listening and discussing any aspects of your grades, progress, and academic standing.

Grade appeals

If a student wishes to appeal an academic decision (including a grade), they must initiate the process within 10 business days of receiving that decision (or grade). Academic Appeals fall under the Academic Appeal Policy.

Students who wish to pursue an appeal should follow the Academic Appeal procedure:

Grade reports

A semester summary for each student will be posted on myCambrian at the end of each session. A printed copy of the grade report will only be sent to those students who request one, in writing, from the Office of the Registrar (Enrolment Centre).

Repeated courses

In the case of repeated courses, the best effort will be calculated into the GPA. All grades are recorded on the student’s transcript.