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Academic Success Centre

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Floor 3, room 3024 (across from the Library)



Hours of Operation

Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

General Contacts

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705-5668-101 ext.6370
Academic Success Centre
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Get help navigating college life

We’re here for you! If you’re struggling academically, feeling overwhelmed, or facing conflicts, our Academic Success Advisors have your back. We’ll help you set goals for your education and career and create a concrete plan to achieve them. To ensure you get the best support possible, we’ll connect you to resources within and outside Cambrian. Come prepared with questions and an open mind, and be ready to take action.

Academic Success Advisors help you get the guidance you need

As a student, you may face a variety of issues that could impact your academic progress. If you’re struggling, remember you’re not alone. An advisor will listen and help you get back on track and be successful.

An advisor can help by:

  • Providing a listening ear and guidance
  • Reviewing academic policies and your academic progress
  • Helping you set academic goals
  • Identifying challenges and barriers and effective study strategies
    • Communicating with professors
    • Connecting you to other Cambrian services and supports in the community

Don’t wait to get help. Connect with an Academic Success Advisor today!

"My Advisor is a great supporter and she is very helpful. We have met for a while and she has helped me become successful. She is a strong booster for me in any situation. My Advisor always gives me good feedback on everything, whenever I have a problem. I always suggest students reach out to her if they have any concerns regarding their courses."

Student G.K.

4th semester Early Childhood Education (ECEP)

Academic Success Advisors

Need assistance identifying goals for your education, career, and life; advice, guidance, or just a bit of perspective on how to navigate the halls? Fill out an advising form to get help from an Academic Success Advisor.

Why an advisor?

  • You have a concern about your academics, or are struggling personally
  • You don’t understand or are having trouble following your course material
  • You feel you conflict with a faculty member or program coordinator.
  • You’ve been placed on academic probation
  • You’ve been exited from your program
  • You’re overwhelmed with academics and not sure what to do

What you can expect from your advisor

  • Be available to meet with you for advising needs, and help you find answers
  • Provide support to you as needed and ease your transition to college life
  • Be proactive in academic interventions and provide you with information before you request it, or are aware that you need it
  • Help link you to resources in the college and community that you might not be aware of
  • Be a link between your faculty, program coordinator, and program, as needed
  • Provide you with information about policies of the college or your program that could affect you academically
  • Help you clarify and set achievable educational goals
  • Help you explore options when you’re struggling, and address academic difficulties or concerns about your studies
  • Offer advice on course selection, changing programs, academic audits, and/or withdrawals
  • Provide information on academic GPA or status, program questions, or transfer help

What your advisor expects from you

  • Be proactive about your education and make appointments before problems occur
  • Provide proper notice if you need to cancel and/or reschedule a meeting
  • Be active in your meetings by communicating your situation or needs to be successful
  • Bring forward any issues that might be affecting your academic progress, and ask questions
  • Follow through on any referrals, or advising recommendations
  • Come with questions, an open mind, and be prepared to discuss your academic performance

Our team of Advisors

Schools of Business, Creative Industries, and Information Technology

Rose Nixon

Academic Success Advisor

Send email
705-566-8101 ext.6225

Schools of Community Services, Interdisciplinary Studies, and Public Safety

JiWon Sea

Academic Success Advisor

Send email
705-566-8101 ext.6281

School of Health and Wellness

Brooke Roche

Academic Success Advisor

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705-566-8101 ext.7972

Schools of Skilled Trades, Engineering Technology, and Environmental Studies

Chelsie Longstreet

Academic Success Advisor

Send email
705-566-8101 ext.6568


Helping you find your path to academic success

We see the value in your skills and experience. Whether you’ve studied at another institution, have life experience, or have already graduated from Cambrian, find the pathway that suits your needs. Get on the fast track to academic success.

Pathways to and from Cambrian

If you’re looking to elevate your credentials, we have options for you. Explore them at Cambrian or continue your learning in a new program at one of our partner institutions. We have articulation agreements with colleges and universities within Canada and around the world.

Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR)

If you’re a college or university student/graduate or have work experience, contact our Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition Coordinator to determine if your education and/or experience can be applied towards credits in your program.

Transfer credits

Why repeat courses? Save time and money by applying for transfer credits! Transfer credits are granted for courses completed at another recognized post-secondary institution that are deemed equivalent to a course at Cambrian. If you have a college or university-level course that is similar to a Cambrian course, you may be eligible for a transfer credit.

"Going back to school as a mature student can be daunting and a little intimidating. Cambrian College and the faculty have made it painless and dare I say, even quite enjoyable for me. I've been able to take advantage of PLAR-ing some courses to earn my diploma and designation of choice. The option to PLAR some of the courses will keep me on track so that I can reach my goals in a timely manner. Cambrian acknowledges all that I have learned and encourages me to bring that to the table."

Student A.M.

Social Service Worker