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School of Emergency Services

Work boldly on the front line!

Dealing with trauma, severe injuries, and life-threatening emergencies can be a challenging career choice. But the ability to save lives and provide immediate care to those in need in times of crisis can also be incredibly rewarding. Learn to handle the demands of the high-pressure, fast-paced, but satisfying paramedic profession under the guidance of our highly skilled faculty. Courses cover basic and advanced emergency care with comprehensive training in the safe transport of ill and injured patients. You’ll get extensive practical experience by working with area hospitals and ambulance services. And if you’re an eligible resident of Ontario, the tuition is free.

If you already work as a primary care paramedic, Cambrian’s School of Emergency Services offers the opportunity to upgrade your career and increase your salary with advanced paramedic training that exceeds the National Occupational Competency Profile for Paramedics. You’ll refine your skills and complete an on-the-job experience with an Advanced Care Paramedic (ACP) land ambulance service.

Firefighters are treasured by the public, risking their lives to save others. Our intensive one-year Pre-Service Firefighter Education and Training program is packed with plenty of practical experience and testing. Gain hands-on training in our on-campus firefighter lab and in both simulated and controlled live fire training scenarios in partnership with local fire departments and the community. Get in shape for this physically demanding career with full access to the Athletics Centre and weight room. If you’re ready to meet the vital demands of the emergency services field, Cambrian is keen to get you prepared.

Programs in the School of Emergency Services


Dr. June Raymond, RN, PhD

Dean, Planning & Institutional Research, Quality Assurance, and Degree Advancement

Erin McPhail

Chair, Schools of Nursing and Emergency Services