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Student Complaints Policy

Student Complaints Policy Information

Date Approved: April 28, 2021
Effective Date: May 1, 2021
Date Reviewed: Fall 2020
Replaces: Student Complaints Policy 2016


The purpose of this Student Complaints Policy (the “Policy”) is to provide a framework for identification, management and resolution of Complainant (as hereinafter defined)-initiated issues with Cambrian College (the “College”) for which no other policy-driven forum is available.


Administrator: means a member of the College administrative staff assigned to resolve the Complaint.

Complaint: means an oral or written statement of dissatisfaction with a College service, employee or student’s teaching and learning experience in provision of services of the College.

Complainant: means a registered student or Prior Student.

Prior Student: means a person who was a student at the College within the last 30 calendar days.

Senior Team: means an individual who is employed by the College in a position reporting to the President, excluding the Executive Assistant to the President.

Application/ Scope

All College students or Prior Students. This policy does not apply to any Complainant-initiated issues with the College for which other specific policy-driven forums are available. Please refer to the Related Policies section of this policy.

Policy Statements

  1. General
    1. The College is committed to addressing complaints in a responsive and timely manner:
      1. Complaints must be made within thirty (30) calendar days of the circumstances giving rise to the Complaint.
      2. Consideration of extension to the deadline shall be made at the sole discretion of the College.
    2. A complainant should first attempt, where reasonable, to resolve their concerns informally by discussing it with the individual or College department with whom they have a concern. However, a Complainant may opt to invoke the Student Complaint Procedure at any time provided that the Complaint is submitted to the College within the specified time frames.
    3. As outlined in the Student Complaints Procedure, a Complaint may be denied at any time if the Complainant objectively appears to have failed to cooperate in the full and timely processing and advancement of the Complaint.
    4. As determined by the College, a Complaint that involves false accusations, malicious intent or is in otherwise made in bad faith is considered a violation of the Code of Conduct.
  2. Appeals
    1. Complainants have the right to appeal should they be dissatisfied with the final resolution of the Complaint, provided it is based on one of the following grounds:
      1. New information, not available at the time of the Complaint, has come to light that may have an impact on the final decision; and/or
      2. There is a perceived lack of impartiality with the Student Complaint Procedure.
    2. A Student Complaints Appeal Committee will be struck as required. The committee will comprise the following:
      1. A member of the Senior Team, excluding the President;
      2. An Administrator;
      3. A student government representative;
      4. A faculty or support staff representative;
    3. The decision of the Student Complaints Appeal Committee is final and not subject to further appeals.

Responsibilities and Accountability

Associate Vice President Human Resources and Student Services has the responsibility for:

  • Ensuring the development, review and availability of this Policy.

Administrators have the responsibility for:

  • Being familiar with the requirements of this Policy.
  • Participating fully in the investigation and review of Complaints as required.

The Registrar has the responsibility for:

  • Receiving a Complaint and documenting the details.
  • Ensuring the availability and continual improvement of the Student Complaint Procedure.
  • Facilitating the review of the Complaint according to the Student Complaint Procedure and ensuring appropriate management of Complaint records.

Employees have the responsibility for:

  • Being familiar with the requirements of this Policy.