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Retrieval of College Information Policy

Retrieval of College Information Policy Information

Date Approved: February 24, 2021
Effective Date: February 24, 2021
Date Reviewed: Fall 2020
Replaces: Recovery of College Records and Resource Materials from Offices and/or Workstations 2006; Communication Vehicles Policy



Personal Information: is information ‘about an identifiable individual’. It includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Information on race, national or ethnic origin, colour, religion, age, sex, sexual orientation, marital or family status
  • information relating to medical, criminal, employment history or education or to the individual’s financial transactions;
  • identifying numbers and symbols;
  • address, telephone number, fingerprints, blood type;
  • personal views or opinions except as they relate to another individual;
  • an individual’s name where it appears with other personal information or where disclosure of the name would reveal personal information;
  • views or opinions expressed about an individual

Record: refers to recorded information in any format or medium, including correspondence, a memorandum, a book, a plan, a map, a drawing, a diagram, a pictorial or graphic work, a photograph, a film, a microfilm, a sound recording, a videotape, a machine readable record, any other documentary material, regardless of physical form or characteristics, and any copy thereof.

Application/ Scope

All College employees.

Policy Statements

  1. College information includes College Records used to administer the College’s services and conduct College business operations.
  2. The College has less ability to keep private the Personal Information of an employee if that employee is away from the College and steps have not been taken to ensure that College business is being handled in their absence.
  3. In the event that College information is required to be retrieved from College accounts or files assigned or controlled by an absent employee, the College:
    1. ensures that the employee is contacted, advised of the need and reason for access, and provided a request to obtain the location of the required College Information, unless such communication is reasonably assessed by the College to be likely unsuccessful, or where the College has business or compassionate reasons to omit this step.
      1. Should the College be unable to reach the employee, or should it choose to omit this step, it will take measures necessary to obtain the required College Information
      2. The immediate supervisor of the employee is required to document the request as well as the attempts to contact the employee.
    2. endeavors to avoid unnecessarily accessing Personal Information during the retrieval where reasonably feasible.
    3. provides information regarding the reason for access and the items retrieved when the employee is available, if, and when appropriate.
  4. Weighed against competing interests, the College makes reasonable efforts to ensure employee privacy. However, employees have reduced privacy rights as against the College, when their Personal Information is stored, or communicated, on College resources.

Responsibilities and Accountability

Associate Vice President Human Resources and Student Services has the responsibility for

  • Ensuring the accessibility and communication of this policy and any associated procedures.

College Administrators have the responsibility for

  • Familiarizing themselves with the requirements of this policy including any associated procedures.
  • Communicating the policy requirements and any associated procedures to employees.
  • Ensuring compliancy with the terms set out in this policy.

Staff have the responsibility for

  • Being familiar with the policy and its requirements.
  • Complying with the requirements of the policy.