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Areas of Need

Your generous donations have a direct and meaningful impact on students, empowering them to pursue their dreams with confidence and determination!

Your support takes various forms, such as scholarships that recognize exceptional academic achievements or bursaries that provide crucial assistance to students facing financial challenges. In addition, your contributions can directly contribute to the integration of cutting-edge technologies and state-of-the-art equipment in classrooms, labs, and workshops, ensuring students have access to the latest tools for their educational journey.

In some instances, your support can mean a fully stocked kitchen for a single parent, enabling them to focus on their studies while nourishing their family. It can provide a much-needed bus pass for a student residing outside the city center, removing transportation barriers and allowing them to seize educational opportunities without limitations. Your contributions may even extend to housing assistance, offering a smooth transition for a student from a remote northern community to their new environment.

The possibilities for supporting students are diverse and customizable and can be tailored to meet your philanthropic goals.

Support an existing scholarship, bursary or memorial fund

Help students to achieve their educational goals via entrance scholarships or an existing fund accepting ongoing contributions.

Create your own scholarship, bursary or memorial fund

Help students to achieve their educational goals by creating your own named scholarship or bursary (minimum $500 contribution). Find out how you can make your named scholarship or bursary last in perpetuity by investing your contributions in an endowment fund.

Email or call 705-566-8101, ext. 7839, for more information.

Hungry minds fund

Help a student, and in some cases, their family fight hunger while working toward a brighter future.

Hardship and emergency bursary

Help alleviate a student’s unforeseen financial difficulties.

Equipment renewal fund

Support the integration of new and emerging technologies and equipment in classrooms, labs, and workshops.

Area of greatest need

Make an unrestricted contribution that will impact one of Cambrian’s more pressing areas of need.

Meet our team

Please don’t hesitate to contact any of our team members if you would like to give or get involved!

Contact us

Cambrian College Development
Room 2609
1400 Barry Downe Rd. Sudbury, ON P3A 3V8
705-566-8101, ext. 6411

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