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Industrial Battery Electric Vehicle Maintenance Course

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Upskill your in-service heavy duty equipment technicians to safely and efficiently adopt and maintain this equipment through this comprehensive course offered only at Cambrian.

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Fundamentals of BEV Safety

Instruction will focus on the safety aspects surrounding battery electric vehicles, batteries, arc flash risks, fire suppression systems on battery electric vehicles, and other topics to make sure that those taking this course feel confident in their knowledge of industrial battery electric vehicles and how to safely work on them.


Introduction to BEV Mobile Equipment

Participants will learn about the components of industrial battery electric vehicles, including battery design, vehicle components, and troubleshooting on vehicle electrical systems.


Introduction to BEV Communication and Troubleshooting

BEVs have their own unique digital communication systems that connect to data systems. Participants will take an in-depth look at these systems and learn how to maintain and troubleshoot the equipment.


Practical BEV Training

Participants will have the opportunity to train on equipment to put their knowledge from the previous three modules to the test.

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No prior knowledge of or experience with BEVs is required. This course consists of four modules that take participants through the basics and builds to advanced skills that can be applied to BEVs from any supplier.Modules can be completed online at the participant’s convenience, providing flexibility with work schedules and personal commitments, or in person in our dedicated corporate training classroom.

This course is delivered in collaboration with the Technology Access Centre for Smart Mining.

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