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College may be more affordable than you think!

Have you said, “school can wait another year”? Don’t sacrifice your future any longer – you can do it!

Whether it’s fear, financial reasons, or something else that is impacting your decision to start school, we’re here to listen to you and help in any way we can!

Understand tuition fees – it’s not all due before your classes begin

It costs $125 to apply to college. Once you accept an offer of admission and decide to attend Cambrian, you will pay your tuition each semester. You don’t owe your full tuition when you start school, only your first semester’s tuition. This will give you a chance to work and earn money for your next semester’s tuition while you study at college. Our fees page is set up so you can see how much you owe each semester.

Ways to access financial aid if money is tight

OSAP financial aid estimator tool

If you do not want to apply for OSAP but would like an idea of what funding you are eligible for, use the aid estimator to see how much you could get in grants and loans!

For all inquiries related to your college application, please contact the Enrolment Centre by calling (705) 566-8101, extension 3003, or 1-800-461-7145 toll-free in Ontario, or by emailing Do not contact OSAP directly, as they will refer you to us.

Cambrian scholarships & bursaries

More than $2,000,000 was awarded to Cambrian students through awards and scholarships last year.

Canada Learning Bond

If you were born in 2004 or later, you could get up to $2,000 with the Canada Learning Bond (CLB) to pay for your education after high school. Learn more about the eligibility criteria and how to apply at Canada Learning Bond for 18 to 20 year olds –

Career Centre

Our Career Centre is your hub for all things related to your career success. Reach out to the Centre once you start school to get help perfecting your résumé and cover letter to secure work.

Cambrian employs students year-round to work in various departments at the College, which means opportunities for you to gain hands-on experience in your field while earning money. Being a student employee is great…you will gain valuable work experience and your supervisor will work around your timetable so you can easily balance work and school. You can also browse and apply for jobs online through the Career Centre’s myCareer portal (which also features off-campus job listings).

Other award sites to help get you the funds you need

The National Student Loans Service Centre is now on YouTube! Check out their channel for more information on the support they offer borrowers throughout their student loan experience.

Visit these sites for funding info:

Reach out anytime. We’re here to help!

If you have questions about programs, how to fund your education, admission requirements, or want to discuss your career goals or next steps, call 705-566-8101, Ext. 7303 (1-800-461-7145 toll-free), text 705-626-4369, email, or connect with one of our recruiters. No question is too small, so ask away!

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Liaison Officer

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Indigenous Recruiter

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Digital Recruiter

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Student Engagement Officer

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Liaison Officer (RPT)

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