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Helping your student transition to college – you’ve got this!

Playing a supporting role in your student’s education is an important one! Helping them start college can be as stressful as it is exciting for them, and you. It’s okay to have a host of emotions as you and your student adapt to new circumstances. The reality is, as prepared as your student may be, it still may not be easy. That’s where we come in! As you and your learner navigate the college system, feel free at any time to reach out to us. We’re happy to help answer any questions you have so that their journey to their first day of class is as amazing as their entire time at Cambrian will be.

Are you the parent/supporter of an international student?

The International Student Services department helps students navigate the Canadian college system and their transition to Canada. The team will ensure that students experience an easy and enjoyable start to their high-quality education through an online orientation, immigration advising services, and more! For information on the admission process for international students, or to get answers to your questions, email

International Admissions
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Is your student still unsure about which career path is best for them?

If your student is still deciding what program to apply to, there are several ways we can help them explore what Cambrian has to offer and what may be best suited for them.

Have your student book an in-person or virtual advising meeting with one of our recruiters so they can get advice, guidance, or some perspective on the various programs we offer and the careers they lead to.

Student for a Day program

If your student has a program in mind but isn’t 100 percent sure it’s the right fit for them, have them sign up for our Student for a Day program. The program lets them sit in on some classes and labs to see exactly what it’s like to be a Cambrian student. They will find out about course material first-hand and have the opportunity to chat with current students in the program they are interested in.

Contact for more information.

Tour our campus in-person or virtually

The best way to confirm if the college is right for your student and if it “feels like home,” is to see the campus, check out the labs and classrooms, and view the various service areas that are available to help your student succeed during their time at Cambrian. You can sign up for a personalized tour so we’re hitting just the spots that you want to see.

How to apply and next steps

If your student is ready to apply, they’ll do so at (applicable for Canadian citizens or those with landed immigrant statuses only).

To submit a college application, your student will:

  1. Create an account or log into their existing account.
  2. Enter their personal information and education history.
    Add their program choices. They are allowed 5 program choices (no more than 3 at any one college).
  3. Request their transcripts.
  4. Pay the application processing fee and any transcript fees. This will submit their application.
  5. Log back in to verify their transcript information, or to make changes or updates to their application.
  6. Check back for offers of acceptance!

Once your student applies, they will be given a myCambrian account that lets them monitor their application, view their offer status, and see any documents they’re required to complete. They should check their account often for updates and any special program requirements and deadlines.

Important dates and details

Is your student ready to apply or are they looking for next steps after applying? You can find more information on our admissions pages!

Next steps

Here is a summary of everything your student needs to do to secure their spot at Cambrian after they’ve applied*.

  • Accept their offer of admission at Once they accept an offer, will send a confirmation email to the email address associated with their account and notify Cambrian that they have accepted their offer. Your student can accept a different offer as long as they confirm it before stated deadlines. This action will automatically cancel their first acceptance.
  • If your student has a conditional offer, they will need to clear any outstanding conditions on their offer.
  • Your student should watch their email and check their myCambrian account for deadlines and important admissions information. Information about orientation, timetable selection, book lists, etc. will be provided to your student six weeks before their start date in their myCambrian account and via email.
  • Your student will need to pay their non-refundable $250 term deposit to secure their spot. This is especially important if your student’s program has a limited number of seats. Get more info on how to pay the deposit.

Your student can start applying for scholarships and bursaries as soon as they accept their offer. They can check their eligibility for scholarships and bursaries by completing the short survey in the ‘Finance myEducation’ section in their myCambrian account.

If your student hasn’t applied yet – It’s not too late!
There are often still spaces in many of our programs a week or so before the program’s expected start date. If your student is not sure if it’s too late for them to apply, have them check to see if the program they’re interested in is still accepting applications – there’s usually still time to apply!

A relaxed urban city to call home

Cambrian is within walking distance of many restaurants and shopping locations, and the city offers a ton of things to do throughout the year. If your student chooses to live in our fully furnished, safe, on-campus residence, they’ll be within a short walk of their classes. Students should apply for residence as soon as possible by completing an online application and submitting it with their residence deposit.

Once your student secures their residence room and arrives on move-in day, rest assured that we will have a big, friendly welcome waiting for them. Our move-in weekend is jam-packed with free food, energetic music, and an army of volunteers to help carry all the items they bring with them. No heavy lifting will be required, so you can spend time getting your student settled in!

If your student would rather live off-campus, searching online will help them see listings for apartments, houses, and shared accommodations, many of which may be within walking distance to the campus.

Free student supports

There will be many student events, workshops, and initiatives that take place during the school year that can help your students enjoy student life, build a support network, and gain tools to help them succeed at college.

Student jobs

Our Career Centre is your student’s go-to for revamping their résumé and finding job opportunities on and off campus. Each year Cambrian College employs current students to work in various departments at the college. These on-campus student positions are a great way for students to get job-related experience in their field and make some extra cash. Plus, your student will have the flexibility to tailor their work schedule around their timetable so they can easily balance work and school.

Reach out anytime. We’re here to help!

We are here to help you every step of the way! If you have any questions about programs, admissions, OSAP, deadlines, student services or anything else, call 705-566-8101, Ext. 7303 (1-800-461-7145 toll-free), email or connect with one of our recruiters. No question is too small, so ask away!

Sam Paquette

Liaison Officer

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705-566-8101 ext.6929
Nancy Burke

Indigenous Recruiter

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Colleen Heidman

Digital Recruiter

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Nicoleta Blaja

Liaison Officer (RPT)

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