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Floor 1, room 1422



Hours of Operation

Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

General Contacts

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705-566-8101 ext.7384


At Cambrian, you hold the key to your free locker.

Once you’re a registered student, you can claim one locker at a time on the myCambrian portal. Put a lock on it, and it’s yours but we ask that you please follow the rules.

How to reserve a locker

Interested in getting a free locker? Here are the steps to follow!

  • Step 1: Sign into myCambrian and go to the ”Student” tab.
  • Step 2: Scroll down to “Quick Links” and click “ Reserve a Locker”
  • Step 3: Choose the locker floor, section, size, and number from the list presented (students in a program with reserved lockers will only be shown the set of reserved locker numbers).
  • Step 4: Click “Reserve Locker”.

Locker locator maps can be found on the bottom of the page when reserving a locker and in the hallways of the college.

Program-specific lockers

Lockers marked “Reserved” are assigned to students in selected programs. Please note that any student found using a “Reserved” locker that has not been assigned to them will have their lock removed.

If a program has reserved lockers, only those sets of locker numbers will be available to reserve on a specific floor and section.

Upgrading students, high school dual credit students, and apprentices also have designated lockers but are assigned to them by their Cambrian College contacts.

Lock removal

You may request lock removal by Facilities Management in case of lost keys or a forgotten combination. For this service, you must provide the following:

  • Full name
  • Photo ID
  • Student number
  • Accurate description of locker contents

Locker terms and conditions

Lockers at Cambrian College are the property of the College and are subject to applicable policies. Cambrian College reserves the right to alter these policies upon appropriate notice. The College does not assume responsibility for locker contents.

Here are some rules to keep in mind:

  • Registered students can use a full or half-size locker at no charge. The locker must be reserved on myCambrian
  • You may only occupy one locker at a time. The use of a locker by a person other than a registered student is not allowed
  • If you transfer to a new locker, you must first exit out of the original locker on myCambrian
  • Please note that locks will be cut off and locker contents will be removed at the end of the academic year; You can retrieve the contents of your locker in the Facilities Management office; After 90 days, locker contents become the property of the College
  • Upon official withdrawal from a program, school completion, or graduation, you must vacate your locker immediately

Please note: Any violation of these policies will result in the removal of the lock and locker contents.