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International Student Resources


When it’s time to get ready to come to Cambrian College, follow this guide to help ensure you have everything you need! Below you will find important information regarding your next steps!

Before getting started

To start your studies at Cambrian College, we require that you have applied and have been accepted to one of our programs, paid your tuition fee, and have a valid study permit or Letter of Introduction (LOI), or have read and consented to the Terms of Registration.

Planning your travel to Canada

To ensure the best outcome when planning to travel to Canada, you must download the iCent app. The iCent app is a “One Stop Shop” providing information about your settlement, student services, events and webinars, and more! The iCent App is mandatory for all students to download before they travel to Cambrian College for their studies. Important information will be collected and messages will be sent directly to you via this app.

What to do in iCent

Open the Pre-arrival checklist: Follow this list to ensure you have everything you need before you travel.

Register for a Pre-departure session: This session will provide all the information you need to plan your trip and will allow you to ask questions directly to our team.

Upload Mandatory Documents: use this function to keep all your important documents at hand.

Key dates

Whether your program starts online or at Cambrian, you will need to review some key dates, including when online registration opens, and more.