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School of Public Safety

The Cambrian Support Services office

Do you have what it takes to join the front line?

At Cambrian’s School of Public Safety, we don’t just teach theory — we bring theory to life. Our professors aren’t only academics, they’re proven practitioners from the field, ready to pass on the kind of know-how you can’t find in textbooks. Our on-campus training labs feature cell blocks, physical training spaces, mock apartments, and current equipment you will use once on the job. You’ll be challenged by simulated high-risk situations and get the latest skills and techniques to solve them. On field trips, placement, and live fire activities, you’ll witness real-life systems in action.

Learn how to manage the movement of people and vehicles in our Corporate Safety and Security program, and explore how to collect evidence, take notes, and make arrests. If you’ve got your eye on a badge, our Police Foundations program gives you a head start with a solid foundation in police procedures and opportunities to network with local law enforcement while prepping for the police academy fitness test. And if you’ve already got a police background, add specialized data skills to your resume with Crime Analytics to predict trends and identify threats in your community.

Our Community and Justice Services program starts with an off-campus two-night, three-day field experience into Indigenous ways of knowing in a remote location with rustic accommodations. You’ll be introduced to critical vocational skills founded on traditional land-based teachings from Cambrian’s Wabnode Center, focusing on ways to heal and rehabilitate those in conflict with the law. Whatever your focus, Cambrian prepares you for wide-ranging career paths wherever police, fire, protection, and security teams are needed.

Programs in the School of Public Safety


Bradie Granger

Chair, School of Interdisciplinary Studies and Public Safety