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School of Information Technology

Join the fast-paced world of IT and shape the virtual horizon!

Whether you want to be a white hat hacker or the techie that gets the network up and running again, problem-solving and critical thinking are at the core of Cambrian’s School of Information Technology.

In our Business Analytics program, you’ll become a data storyteller by culling critical insights from complex data sets so business enterprises can make informed decisions backed up by evidence. In our IT Business Analysis program and bridge the gap between business and technology.

Cambrian is an authorized Cisco Systems Networking Academy, a Red Hat Academy, and a Microsoft IT Academy, which allows you to develop practical skills that are highly valued in the IT industry. Learn to troubleshoot and repair a wide range of digital networks, from the simple to the complex, in our computer systems tech programs.

The smarter homes and workplaces become, the more demand there is for professionals who know how to design devices and connect to the Internet of Things (IoT). In Cambrian’s one-of-a-kind IoT and programming diploma, Computer Programming – Internet of Things you will learn algorithms, application and IoT programming, data management, networks, and analysis, in addition to machine learning foundations!

Cybercrime costs the world trillions of dollars each year. Become an ethical hacker, and learn how to protect computers and networks from malicious users or software. Or level up your IT career with our intensive Mobile App Development program that empowers you to code effective Android, iOS, and web-based software solutions. At Cambrian, you’ll gain the in-depth technical and customer service skills you need to solve the abundant challenges of IT.

Programs in the School of Information Technology


Parvinder Arora


Dean, Schools of Business, Creative Industries and Information Technology

Languages Spoken:

English, Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu

Pamela Teed

Chair, Schools of Information Technology and Creative Industries

Languages Spoken:

English, French