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School of Engineering Technology

Cambrian’s hi-tech labs and TSSA-accredited programs mobilize your engineering career!

Are you inquisitive about how things work? If you’re fascinated by the constant evolution of technology and interested in applying scientific principles and mathematical concepts to solve complex problems, Cambrian offers an engaging lineup across a broad spectrum of industries to prepare you for a gratifying career in the field of engineering technology. From civil engineering to aerospace, from biomedical to power, the possibilities for a rewarding career as an engineer are endless.

At Cambrian, we’ve got a 2nd Class power plant training facility located right on campus, where you can get hands-on training for a variety of high-demand careers as a power engineer accredited by the Technical Standards and Safety Authority (TSSA). And since we’re located in Sudbury, Ontario, the mining capital of Canada, our nationally accredited mining engineering program prepares you to work in mining operations anywhere in the world.

You can combine chemistry and engineering with the world of manufacturing to develop new and improved fuels or create the next generation of pharmaceuticals. Industries such as power generation, mining, forestry, construction, and manufacturing seek trained specialists to promote healthier and safer workplaces — our Workplace Safety and Prevention program has got you covered.

Our Electrical Engineering program adopts actual equipment used by industry and includes an in-depth study of power electronics, electrical control systems, and instrumentation. Combine mechanical engineering and electronics with elements of robotics and telecommunications for a compelling career in the evolving field of mechatronics. No matter where your interest in engineering lies, Cambrian provides a solid foundation for your future.

Programs in the School of Engineering Technology


Brian Lobban

Dean, Schools of Skilled Trades, Engineering Technology, and Environmental Studies

Kim Crane

Chair, School of Engineering Technology