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Accommodation and Human Rights Management


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Key Details

Program Start Dates

May 2024

September 2024

January 2025

May 2025

Please visit Ontario College Application Service to learn more about start dates

Program Delivery

Online / Full-time


Ontario College Graduate Certificate

Program Duration

2 Semesters
Currently not available for international students

Program Overview

Arm yourself with in-demand industry skills to protect human rights.

Knowledge of workplace rights and accommodations is a key, high-demand industry skill that opens up a wide range of possibilities. Increase your career prospects in human rights, disability management, return to work, advocacy, or accommodation with this fully online program. Through interactive courses, you’ll gain a comprehensive and holistic understanding of human rights law, health and wellness strategies, and disability management. You’ll learn essential skills that human resource professionals need to navigate — national and provincial employment legislation.

Upon graduation, you can immediately apply your skills to the workplace or continue your academic journey in fields such as social science, law, or human resources.

Program Highlights

Program highlights

  • Delivered part-time and fully online, allowing you to complete coursework on your own schedule
  • Advance your skills in accommodation, human rights, disability management, and return to work or advocacy
  • Gain comprehensive knowledge of human rights law, disability management, health and wellness strategies, and employment legislation
  • Suitable for immediate application in the workplace or continuing academic pursuits


Admission requirements

Applicants must be graduates of a diploma, advanced diploma, or degree program from an Ontario College or equivalent.


Applicant must possess five years of work experience in a related field (or combination of education and work experience) as judged by the College to be equivalent. Applicants must submit a resume detailing their related experience and a cover letter outlining their competencies and preparedness for the program (any and all post-secondary transcripts must still be submitted).

Academic Upgrading

Are you missing admission requirements? Strengthen your academic skills for free at your own pace through Academic Upgrading!

Program Delivery

Program delivery


Spring term start

SEMESTER 1:   Spring 2024
SEMESTER 2:   Fall 2024


Fall term start

SEMESTER 1:   Fall 2024
SEMESTER 2:   Winter 2025

Winter term start

SEMESTER 1:   Winter 2025
SEMESTER 2:   Spring 2025

Spring term start

SEMESTER 1:   Spring 2025
SEMESTER 2:   Fall 2025

Program of Study

Program of study for 2024-25 Academic Year 

Plan of Study Grid
Semester 1Credits
HRP 0101Human Resource Mgmt Principles4
GIC 7000Disability Management I3
GIC 7001Holistic Approach to Disability3
LAW 1066Human Rights Law I3
LDS 7000Mental Health Wellness I3
Semester 2
LDS 7001Mental Health Wellness II3
LAW 1033Human Rights Law II3
GIC 7002Disability Management II3
COM 1006Communication and Advocacy3
GIC 7003Case Studies3
WPL 7000Accommodation and Human Rights Capstone3
 Total Credits34

Important Notice

Fees presented are estimates based on projections for future academic year(s) of study. Actual fees charged may differ from what is published here. A full detailed listing of all fees is available in myCambrian and updated annually no later than May 1 for the following academic year. Students in Academic Upgrading are responsible for any fees listed on their invoice each term.

Tuition and ancillary fees

Please see our fees page for the breakdown of tuition and mandatory ancillary fees by program and semester for both domestic and international students.

Books and supplies

Books and supplies may be required at the course level over and above what is estimated above. Please consult your professor/instructor for further information.

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Work-integrated learning (WIL)

Take your education beyond the classroom!

Cambrian programs blend academic learning, hands-on training, and community involvement opportunities to help you achieve your ultimate goal – your dream career. You’ll have the opportunity to apply your knowledge to real-world scenarios within and outside of the classroom through work-integrated learning. Whether it be a capstone project, co-op, practicum, preceptorship component, or placement, you’ll benefit from a practical, job-related experience before you graduate.

Career Outcomes

Employment opportunities

Graduates will have a unique opportunity to blend their background with the leadership and management outcomes. Upon graduation, student may find themselves working in one of these fields with federal, provincial, local, regional, First Nations, or non-profit organizations:

  • Accommodation Specialist
  • Manager of Employment Programs
  • Accommodation Equipment Consultant
  • Return to Work Advisor
  • Disability Management Advisor
  • Health/HR Policy Coordinator
  • Client Placement Coordinator
media1Media2A radiology student Julia working with equipment.

Need a career coach?

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Minimum technology requirements

Success in this program requires that you come equipped with some program-specific technology requirements.

Bring your own device (BYOD)

Cambrian College has implemented a BYOD principle to both enrich the student learning experience in and out of the classroom and to ensure flexibility!

Ready to take the first step?

Start gaining the highest level of skills at Cambrian now – and you’ll be ready to take advantage of the many career opportunities waiting for you just around the corner. The future is yours!

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