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Commercialization Public Statement on Annual Plan

Commercialization Annual Plan - Public Statement Information

Effective Date: June 2023

Institutional Approaches to Research and Innovation and Public Statement on the Annual Commercialization Plan

Cambrian is uniquely positioned through its Applied Research Office, to collaborate with industry partners to advance innovation and facilitate commercialization of intellectual property in Ontario that creates economic and social benefits for our communities. In particular, applied research activities taking place at Ontario’s publicly funded colleges in partnership with small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) create innovative solutions to challenges being experienced in our communities in a variety of settings. These innovations will be a key driver for sustainable economic recovery, growth, and competitiveness in Ontario.

To increase innovation at the community and regional level, Cambrian will continue to rely on funding from granting agencies, primarily federal agencies, as the operating funding provided to colleges does not reflect the overhead costs of exploring, developing, and overseeing applied research projects.

Moving forward, Cambrian will continue to engage in research in our existing areas of expertise, based on our industry and community needs. We will provide innovative solutions for challenges faced by businesses, government, and communities. Our core clientele will be SMEs but we will continue to serve all viable companies in our catchment area that meet our funding eligibility requirements. Through these activities, we will continue to make student training and experiential learning the core focus of our work. By providing students with paid, experiential learning opportunities through real-world challenges, we are training the next generation of workers who will be the ones to develop new IP and commercialize it.