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Cellular Device Policy

Cellular Device Policy Information

Date Approved: January 20, 2021
Effective Date: February 1, 2021
Date Reviewed: Winter 2021
Replaces: March 2012 version



To set the conditions upon which a Cellular Device Allowance is provided to eligible Cambrian College (the “College”) employees.


Cellular Device: A telecommunications device, such as a mobile or cellular phone, that can make and receive calls over a radio frequency link.

Allowance: The amount of monthly reimbursement that the College provides to eligible College employees.

Senior Team: For the purpose of this policy, means the President and any Vice President, Associate Vice President or Executive Director.

Application/ Scope

All College employees.

Policy Statements

  1. The College employee must meet at least one of these criteria to be eligible to receive a Cellular Device Allowance:
    1. A College employee’s job duties specifically include the frequent need for a Cellular Device; and/or,
    2. Regular duties of the position require the College employee to be frequently out of the office, in remote locations or off-campus, and in these circumstances, it is essential for the employee to be in communication with the College to ensure effective business operations.
  2. The Allowance does not cover the following costs:
    1. Full reimbursement of the purchase costs for the Cellular Device, including accessories.
      1. Monthly finance charges within the allowance is an allowable expense.
    2. The replacement cost of the Cellular Device.
    3. Late fees.
  3. The appropriate Dean, Director or Senior Team member shall decide which eligible College employees shall receive an Allowance.
  4. Eligible College employees shall select the carrier, device and plan of their choice and shall be responsible for any and all service contracts.
  5. Eligible College employees are to ensure that the Cellular Device purchased is capable of supporting the required College work (e.g. a data plan).
  6. The Cellular Device is the property of the eligible College employee and as such, can be used for personal calls and be combined, or enhanced, with other personal plans or individual applications.
  7. Any servicing of the Cellular Device is the responsibility of the eligible College employee.
  8. The College does not accept any liability for claims, charges or disputes between the service provider for the Cellular Device and the eligible College employee.
  9. International roaming charges, incurred in the conduct of College business, may be reimbursed upon approval of the supervisor.
  10. Eligible College employees are responsible for any, and all, use of their Cellular Device. As such, they must:
    1. Maintain secure passwords for their Cellular Device;
      Ensure and safeguard against others obtaining unauthorized access to their Cellular Device; and,
    2. Not share passwords or any other access control information for their Cellular Device.
  11. The Cellular Device Operating Procedure outlines the guidelines and amounts for the Allowance.

Responsibilities and Accountability

Director, Financial Services has the responsibility for

  • Ensuring appropriate management and adherence to the Cellular Device Policy and its associated operating procedure;
  • Reviewing and updating the Cellular Device Operating Procedure as required to ensure currency and effective application;
  • Making available the Cellular Device Operating Procedure;

Deans, Directors and Senior Team members have the responsibility for

  • Assessing and making the determination as to which employees are eligible for a Cellular
  • Device Allowance based on the established eligibility requirements;
  • Managing and facilitating employee reimbursements;