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Approval Authority Schedule Policy

Approval Authority Schedule Information

Policy Type: Governance Process
Original Date Approved: May 2014
Date Revised: June 8, 2023



To delegate approval authority to various levels of the College.

Levels of Authority

The following authorization levels apply:

  • Level 1: Board of Governors
  • Level 2: President
  • Level 3: Senior Team
  • Level 4: Direct Reports to Senior Team
  • Level 5: Direct Reports to Level 4
  • Initiator: End user

2.1 Below are operational procedures which outline the implementation procedures for approval authority and procedures for temporary or permanent changes.

Level of Control

3.1 Budgets will be controlled by line sub-total (Full-Time, Part-Time, Non-Salaried, and Capital) at Level 4 and approved at Level 3.

3.2 A higher level of authority may restrict, limit or authorize exceptions for approval authorities at lower levels. Such decisions must be communicated in writing.

3.3 No delegation authorizes amounts to be spent in excess of line sub-totals in each budget centre.

Delegation of Signing Authority

4.1 Assigned signatories must delegate, in writing, and in the requisition approval workflow software, approval authority to an alternate individual in their absence.

4.2 An alternate individual must have existing approval authority.

Areas of Authority Bank Accounts



Minimum level of authority
General AccountsPresident
Vice President
(Signature from any two of the above)
Special Projects Support AllowancesLevel 5 – i.e. Dean, Director or Manager
Cheques Issued Under $50,000President (digitized signature)
Vice President, Finance & Administration (digitized signature)
Cheques Issued $50,000 or greaterPresident or Vice President
One of the above applied digitally and the other signed manually.
Electronic Transfer Payments Under $50,000Finance Manager (online approval)
Electronic Transfer Payments  $50,000 or greaterVice President Finance and Administration (manual signature)


The Cambrian Procurement Policy and Procedures must be followed for the acquisition of all goods, non-consulting services, consulting services and construction.

When determining the value of procurement for approval purposes do not take applicable sales taxes into consideration and do not reduce overall value of procurement by dividing a single procurement into multiple procurements.

less than $100.00 (Petty Cash)
$0.00 – $5,000
$0.00 – $25,000
$25,000 and Over
– Initiator + Level 5 or higher
– Initiator + Level 5
– Initiator + Level 4
– Initiator + Level 3
For those items which have been approved as part of the capital budget process (College and Provincial), signing authority extends to the amounts identified in the approval documents.
– Initiator + Level 4
Competitive Process Pre-Approval
– required for all competitive procurement processes $10,000 or greater ($0 or greater for consulting services)
In accordance with operating/capital approvals above
Non-Competitive Procurement Process Approval

Goods, Non Consulting Services and Construction

$10,000 to $99,999
$100,000 or greater*
Consulting Services

$0 to $99,999

-VP of the respective Division
-VP, Finance & Administration
-VP of the respective Division
-VP, Finance and Administration
$100,000 to $999,999*

$1,000,000 or greater*

– President
– VP of the respective Division
– VP, Finance and Administration
-VP of the respective Division
-VP, Finance and Administration -President

*All non-competitive procurements of $100,000 or more must adhere to the strict requirements outlined in the Agreement on Internal Trade (AIT) which lists the limited exemptions, exceptions, or non-application clauses and other applicable trade agreements.


Annual Budget
Mid-Year Review
Third Quarter Review
Board of Governors
Capital Construction project approvals.Level 1
Cumulative change order less than 10% of original contract price.Each change order must be approved by: Manager, Financial Services, Budget
Vice President Finance and Administration
Cumulative change order exceeding 10% of the original contract price.Level 2