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Program Advisory Committees

What is a Program Advisory Committee?

Program Advisory Committees (PACs) provide essential industry-related feedback that informs decision-making and actions taken by the College as they relate to its academic programs. They play a critical role in evaluating program effectiveness and ensure that our programs remain relevant and serve the needs of our communities, near and far. They also serve as a vital, ongoing link with the community and industry.

The community and industry leaders who are part of our PACs provide important expertise and insight into the current needs and future trends for which our graduates must be prepared. They ensure our students graduate with the knowledge, skills, and abilities to succeed in both their personal and professional lives.

Who are Cambrian PAC members?

PAC members are employers, business and industry leaders, practitioners, and labour representatives. They are as diverse as our programs and student body and represent large and small organizations, public and private sector groups, and local and international trends. While not members of a PAC, program faculty, staff, and student representatives also participate during PAC meetings by sharing relevant updates and feedback.

How do PACs make a difference?

The primary function of PACs is to provide advice that can better inform the overall teaching and learning experience at Cambrian College, shaping the programs and courses offered by the college to ensure they are current, relevant, competitive, and forward-looking. They do this in a variety of ways:

  • Assist in the assessment of Cambrian’s academic programs in relation to community, provincial, and national needs as well as labour market trends
  • Advise on placements, internships, and mentoring partnerships
  • Share information on evolving industry trends and the acquisition of new specialized equipment
  • Support practical, real-world, and hands-on learning opportunities including applied research opportunities
  • Support student awards and scholarships

How can you benefit from joining a PAC?

PAC members benefit from increasing their professional networks by connecting with other industry professionals and academics. They can also learn more about industry and market trends through additional networking opportunities. More importantly, they can connect with Cambrian talent, with over 80% of PAC members indicating their organization has hired a Cambrian graduate!

Program Advisory Committee listing:

Working together, now and into the future

We are very committed to continuing to build and maintain strong industry and community partnerships because these partnerships provide faculty and students with the opportunity to extend their learning well beyond the classroom walls. By supporting practicums, internships, co-ops and work placements, research and innovation projects, and many other experiential learning opportunities, our students can benefit from your expertise in meaningful ways that enhance their learning.

Interested in becoming a PAC member?

If you would like to learn more about becoming a PAC member or other ways that you can help our students in their learning journey, please email


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