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General Education Electives

Within each two and three-year diploma/advanced diploma program, students must take 3 general education electives within their program of study. These courses are not related to the skills you develop throughout the rest of your program but help ensure our graduates are citizens who can work and adapt to Canada’s changing and diverse society. These required courses are mandated through the Ministry of Colleges and Universities to better prepare graduates for the workplace. They are intended to encourage you to explore a broad range of personal and societal topics and to develop self-understanding as well as critical thinking, problem solving and communication skills.

The following is a list of General Education Elective courses that are available during the Spring 2024 semester. This means that if there is a schedule associated (in-class or hybrid) you will have a timetabled period where you will meet with your classmates and faculty member. When you register, the list of available courses will populate for your program. Please pay careful attention to the method of delivery before you choose your Elective.

All Schools

Monday 2:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Course CodeCourse NameDelivery Method
World Religions and SpiritualityHybrid: combination of virtual and online delivery
DementiaHybrid: combination of virtual and online delivery
Introduction to Indigenous Studies*Hybrid: combination of virtual and online delivery
Indigenous People Today*Hybrid: combination of virtual and online delivery
Modern CivilizationHybrid: combination of virtual and online delivery
Cross Cultural UnderstandingHybrid: combination of virtual and online delivery
Social ConsciousnessHybrid: combination of virtual and online delivery
Introduction to SociologyHybrid: combination of virtual and online delivery


Course CodeCourse NameDelivery Method
Film StudiesOnline delivery
Fungus Among UsOnline delivery
Personal FinanceOnline delivery
CybernationOnline delivery
Health & Wellness**Online delivery
Spiritual Wellness**Online delivery
Taking Care of Shkagamik-Kwe*Online delivery
Indigenous Arts and Film*Online delivery
Rock Music, Culture and TechnologyOnline delivery
Psychology of EvilOnline delivery

Important Notice

Your General Education Elective choices may vary depending on program. Please see Registration for Electives you are able to choose from.

* Part of Indigenous Studies Stackable Micro-Credential.
** Part of Health & Wellness Stackable Micro-Credential.


Micro-Certificate options

A Micro-Credential is a Cambrian College Board of Governor’s level certification awarded at Convocation. Cambrian College is currently offering TWO different Micro-Certificates – Indigenous Studies and Health & Wellness. It is currently being offered to students who are taking a two-year diploma program, a three-year advanced diploma program or as a stand-alone certificate.

To be eligible for this type of certificate, students must complete four courses within the Indigenous Studies area OR Health and Wellness.

Whenever there is a General Education courses within their program, students can elect to take one of the four Indigenous Studies courses or one of the Health and Wellness courses listed below. Since each program requires three General Education courses, students must enroll in one additional course (with applicable tuition and other fees), whether as an overload or through an off-stream semester.

Indigenous Studies Micro-Certificate

Any four of the following courses

  • IND1003 – Introduction to Indigenous Studies
  • IND1009 – Introduction to Powwow Culture
  • IND1012 – Truth and Reconciliation
  • IND1015 – Indigenous Arts & Film
  • IND1017 – Indigenous Peoples Today
  • IND1101 – Nehiyawemowin
  • IND1102 – Anishnaabemowin

Health and Wellness Micro-Certificate

Any four of the following courses

  • FIT1115 – Health and Wellness
  • HEA1307 – Spiritual Wellness
  • PSY1003 – Concurrent Disorders
  • PSY1125 – Positive Psychology
  • SCI1001 – Human Sexuality


Frequently asked questions

If you have any questions, please read through the FAQ. Further questions can be directed to your Program Coordinator.


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