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7th annual Powwow

Key Details

Date & Time

March 22 - March 23, 2024

Hosted By

Cambrian College


No registration required.

Kaadnaan Aantoobijigan – Minidaapin gwiiji-bemaadzid, enendimowaat, miiniwaa ezhibimaadiziwaat

Join us for Cambrian College’s vibrant celebration of culture at our 7th Annual Pow Wow: “Braiding Connections: Embracing People, Ideas & Cultures.”

Experience the heartbeat of Indigenous traditions as we gather for two days filled with dancing, drumming, and singing.

Cambrian’s traditional Powwow is an opportunity for students and the community to experience unity and diversity, where communities come together to honour our shared connections.

Schedule of events

What is a Powwow?

This short video (2-minute run time) provides a quick overview of the Powwow and the various dance styles you’ll see at most Powwows.

Powwow etiquette

  1. Please be on time. Organizers and the Powwow Master of Ceremonies are doing everything possible to ensure activities run smoothly.
  2. No recordings are allowed during Grand Entry or ceremonial songs.
  3. Please stand and remove hats during Grand Entry and ceremonial songs.
  4. Seats in the front row are reserved for the dancers, drummers, and Elders.
  5. Ask permission before taking pictures or videos of the dancers/drummers.
  6. Respect the elders, drummers, singers, dancers, and the Powwow staff and volunteers.
  7. Listen to the Master of Ceremonies and Arena Director.
  8. The dancers wear regalia while they are dancing, not “costumes.”
  9. You should not touch the regalia unless you ask for permission.
  10. Move in a clockwise direction when you are on the dance floor.
  11. Ask people around you to explain things you don’t understand; most will be eager to share their knowledge with you.
  12. Be aware of your surroundings. If someone is behind you, make room for them to see by stepping aside, sitting, or kneeling.
  13. This is an alcohol- and drug-free event.