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Certificate programs

Cambrian College offers hundreds of part-time options to help you upgrade your skills, ignite your passion for personal growth, and reach your educational goals.


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Building Business

Are you a manager of a small business organization, future entrepreneur or a manager with entrepreneurial responsibilities within your organization? The Building Business program focuses on three inter-related aspects of a building a business, viz; the process of converting a business idea to actual business, understanding the legalities involved in this process, and developing appropriate negotiation and the leadership skills necessary to be a successful entrepreneur.

Woman construction worker at a construction site wearing a hard hat and safety glasses with a tablet and smiling.

Construction Management

This certificate program provides practical training leading to the application of principles and practices in the commercial construction management field. The Construction Management program emphasizes not only the interpretation and understanding of commercial project documents (working drawings, specifications, soils reports, contracts, etc.) but also in the preparation of estimates and construction schedules.

Providing an educational foundation in the construction management field, you’ll have the knowledge to begin assisting or managing the construction process, from initial planning to project completion. The use of case studies and related industry scenarios throughout the program will prepare you for a range of situations that could emerge during the course of a construction project.

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Crisis Communication

In the Crisis Communications program you’ll explore and engage in the systems, protocols and technologies that allow an organization to effectively communicate in response to a major threat or disruption.

This program will provide you with an understanding of public relations strategies, the importance of media relations, while giving you the digital tools needed to manage a wide range of potential crises.

Two women with masks on at a dental clinic and the assistant has a tablet and is helping the patient.

Dental Office Assistant

This program will prepare you to work as a receptionist in a dental practice. The Dental Office Assistant program includes foundational knowledge about preventative dentistry for non-dental professionals, communication, and customer service skills. The program also offers an introduction to common scheduling and billing software used in this setting.

Woman sitting in a boardroom with an employee and writing notes with a laptop nearby.

Developing Human Resources

This program aims to equip you with the knowledge, skills, and application required to be effective in designing programs to develop skills and competencies in a learning organization, which will inspire employees to be their best.

Woman working from home on a laptop typing with a coffee next to her.

Digital Communication

Stand out in the crowd by creating content that is easily identifiable and uniquely you with the Digital Communications micro-credential.  This program will provide you with the skills necessary to produce compelling, strategic content that grabs attention and produces results.  You’ll actively engage in conceiving, and designing marketing communications materials for a variety of real-world products and people.

Early Childhood Education Communication and Community Engagement

Are you looking to affect change in an ECE workplace? This program is designed for professionals who recognize the importance of communication and marketing in the field in order to promote quality care, for relationship building, and for strategic thinking.

You will gain skills through research, development, and practical application to develop a communication portfolio to meet client needs and market demands

Early Childhood Education Advocacy and Leadership

Are you currently in an ECE leadership role or looking to be in one? This program will examine historical, political, professional, and social issues affecting ECE administration practice.

You will review strategies that characterize advocacy roles and responsibilities that reflect an in-depth understanding of ethical practices in ECE within the context of a self-regulated profession. By exploring theories of leadership through a process of self-evaluation, you will develop techniques to hire and maintain quality staff while developing strategies for personal and professional growth in a management capacity.

Two electric vehicles next to each other both getting charged.

Electric Vehicle Foundations

This program provides an introduction to electric vehicle technology for the general public, including the history of electric vehicles and their global impact. The program will also cover the selling and servicing of electric vehicles.

Man with glasses on working at a table in front of windows on a laptop with papers in his hands.

Financial Acumen

The theory of financial acumen centers around the abilities of managers to understand and manage a number of financial indicators pointing towards the success or failure of an organization.

This program aims to help junior or middle level managers with little or no financial training or experience in learning the fundamental economic principles as well as learning the language, tools, and techniques of accounting and finance.

After you complete this program you can return to the workplace with confidence that you can read, understand and analyse the financial position of your respective organisation.

Two male food service workers in a restaurant kitchen both wearing masks. The one worker is filling up a paper bag with food.

Food Service Worker

The food service worker is an essential member of the long-term care interdisciplinary team, delivering quality nutrition care and service in a health-care environment. If you’re currently employed in a hospital, institution, special-care home, or integrated-care facility you will benefit from this program.

This program focuses on customer service, safe food-handling techniques, safety, nutrition, and communication. The Ministry of Health requires this program for all staff employed in the position of food service worker in long-term care dietary environments.

Woman looking at an iMac screen with four people on a Zoom call.

Global Diversity and Business

International business is accelerating at an ever-increasing pace. Our awareness of the role of international issues in our lives has increased significantly. We see increased economic integration, new trade policies related to reducing trade barriers, and the impact of retaliatory actions. Global business skills are no longer is an option, they are a necessity.

This program aims to provide you with the knowledge, tools, and techniques related to researching different markets, comprehending the legal aspects of doing a business in a different market, and developing cultural sensitivity.

Two men outside of a window of a home and one is in a red hard hat and safety glasses and the other is pointing at the window.

Home Inspection

Cambrian College has partnered with Carson Dunlop and Associates to provide a program that satisfies the Standards of Practice of ASHI (American Society of Home Inspectors) and the baseline requirements of the OAHI (Ontario Association of Home Inspectors).

In this program you will learn what may go wrong as well as the causes and the implications of problems that result, including non-performance due to old age, weather damage and poor workmanship in a home. Emphasis in this certificate is on practical knowledge of the performance of systems and components in a house, not on theory.

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Leadership Development

Are you ready to enhance your leadership skills and develop new skills to help meet your career and organizational objectives? The Leadership Development program is aimed at providing a solid foundation for those looking to enter leadership positions and for those currently in front line or mid-level management positions.

The program will build on your existing skills and experience and help you to apply those skills to workplace situations. You will enhance your skills in a variety of leadership related topics, including organizational planning, managing employee performance through communication, team-building, problem-solving, change management, and coaching.

Woman sitting outside with headphones on, reading a tablet and smiling.

Learning Disabilities – Applications

This program allows you to earn a certificate of achievement in the field of learning disabilities with a focus on the development of competencies in the areas of learning strategies and assistive technology.

This program emphasizes a comprehensive approach to investigating student strengths and needs; and, by accessing a wide variety of learner-centred techniques, guides you to explore opportunities to develop and support independent and self-confident learners of all ages.

Relevant research and assessment tools will be examined to give you the valuable practice in recommending strategies and assistive technology that best fit the needs and interests of students with learning disabilities. This program allows you to participate in rich discussions with professionals in the field, and network with an online community.

A male teacher working with a student at a desk.

Learning Disabilities – Theory and Best Practices

This program sets the foundation for study in the area of learning disabilities with a focus on the relevant and varied definitions of learning disabilities, and explores the types of learning disabilities and the means of assessing learning disabilities.

You will review and reflect on the ethical practices and legal responsibilities of educational bodies for providing and supporting access to accommodations, special funding, and services. You will have the opportunity to explore how psycho-educational reports and mental health accommodations are used to create learning plans for academic settings.

You will also have the opportunity to consider how other disorders; including ADHD, ASD, NVLD, addictions, and mental health disorders, impact learning. Legal foundations and professional standards as they pertain to learning disabilities will also be explored. This program allows you to participate in rich discussions with professionals in the field, and network with an online community.

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Managing Employee Relations

This program aims to help you understand your preferred conflict resolution style, how to respond to situations in which conflict is necessary to move forward not only related to legislation but for the advancement of the organization as well.

Man working on a whiteboard with sticky notes.

Managing Growth

Every organization has its own important perspective. However, it is equally relevant to convert that perspective into a vision and to articulate and communicate that vision to all the stakeholders in an organization.

This program will equip you with an understanding and application of data analysis tools, using tools like an environmental scan to understand the strategies adopted by organizations and building a marketing plan that is in sync with the overall vision of the organization.

Woman writing on a whiteboard in an office setting.

Managing Organizations

This program provides you with skills, knowledge, and experience in three key pillars of successful management – effective communication, managing human resource issues, and ethical and social responsibility. The program is ideal for junior/middle-level managers working in companies of all sizes, non-profit organizations, and government services.

Medical Assistant wearing a mask and handing out a paper to a coworker who is also wearing a mask.

Medical Office Assistant

This program will prepare you to work as a member of a healthcare team. It includes training in rapidly changing technological skills such as billing and electronic medical record software. You will also receive an introduction to medical terminology, pharmacology, medical conditions, and related tests.

Health care worker with mask on helping elderly patient

Palliative Care

Do you volunteer or have an occupation that requires you to work with families and patients who are living with and/or dying from a progressive life-limiting illnesses? This program will provide you with a strong foundational knowledge in palliative care concepts.

This program is right for you if you are already employed in areas of policing and law enforcement, paramedics, developmental disabilities work, pastoral services, social services, bereavement counselling, or visiting volunteers.

Personal Care Assistant

This program will provide you with the essential knowledge and skills needed to provide safe care for those who require support with their activities of daily living. Those requiring support may be recovering from an illness, surgery or live with a chronic health challenge that limits their ability to completely care for themselves. You will learn that certain groups, such as the elderly, are able to maintain independence when they are supported with their activities of daily living.

Two workers in a warehouse pointing at the shelves. The female worker is holding a tablet.

Planning and Logistics Essentials

By taking this program you will develop the knowledge and skills to efficiently and effectively move and store goods and services between the point of origin and point of consumption.

You will also develop a broad knowledge base in logistics systems, global logistics, purchasing, information systems, project leadership, finance, and customer relationship management.

Woman at desk in yellow shirt working on a laptop and writing in a notebook.

Professional Business Writing

This certificate program concentrates on teaching you to become productive, confident, and effective communicators in today’s business world. It would be ideal for anyone thinking of starting a small business or launching a career within an established company. The program builds from a solid foundation in English writing skills and introduces you to the major styles of business writing.

Woman at a desk working on a laptop with a cellphone in her hand

Professional Office Assistant

This program will prepare you with fundamental computer skills for any office environment. You will be equipped with the skills needed for entry into office clerical support positions in a variety of business sectors.

Man worker in a warehouse pointing at the shelves with a tablet in their hands.

Purchasing and Inventory Management Essentials

In this program, you will develop the knowledge and skills to negotiate prices and work out contracts for companies who provide services or manufacture or sell goods.

You will also learn to research quality, price, reliability, and other important factors in examining potential suppliers, with an emphasis on operations and supply chain management practices and processes.

Man and woman in a coffee shop looking at an tablet working on budgets.

Small Business Entrepreneurship

The Small Business Entrepreneurship (SME) program is designed to equip you with management skills, with a special focus on small-sized businesses, and start-ups. You will gain an understanding of the issues facing family businesses, start-ups, and other independent entrepreneurial endeavors. You will also learn how to identify business opportunities, develop a business plan, launch, operate, and grow a Canadian business.

A man and a woman in a workshop working together.

Trades Entrepreneurship

This certificate program, designed specifically for tradespersons, provides you with the opportunity to develop entrepreneurial competencies and skills. Small businesses continue to show growth in today’s economy, providing tradespeople possessing a combination of trade and business knowledge, opportunities in this growth area. The focus is on key functional areas of business, related to entrepreneurship, including business planning, operations, innovation, marketing and finance as well as legal and ethical considerations.

Two men in a warehouse wearing hard hats and safety glasses and one man is pointing.

Trades Leadership

This fully online College certificate program, designed specifically for tradespersons, provides you with the opportunity to develop skills and knowledge in the area of business leadership. You will examine functional areas of business related to leadership, change management, innovation, human resources and project management as well as legal and ethical considerations.

Woman sitting in a boardroom with an employee and writing notes with a laptop nearby.

Understanding Human Resources

This program aims to help novice Human Resource managers or middle-level managers with portfolios outside of HR to understand the importance of planning for human resources at the strategic level to ensure the value of human resources can be demonstrated.