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Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

Cambrian College has implemented a BYOD principle to both enrich the student learning experience in and out of the classroom and to ensure flexibility. BYOD will equip and prepare students to quickly move to a remote delivery should a critical situation occur where the College must shut its doors for a period of time. BYOD prepares students for the new world. To be anytime, anywhere learners using their own devices to obtain and work with course materials, participate in collaborative environments and become skilled, confident users of the technologies.

Cambrian College will be responsible for:

  • Providing a complete technology list to students on the College website. Program-specific requirements can be viewed in the “Plan Your Future” section on program web pages. Find programs here.
  • Requiring only the technology that students need in order to succeed.
  • Garnering student feedback to guide best practice and an excellent BYOD student experience.

Students will typically be responsible for:

  • The cost of their laptop computer, web camera, headset, software, and other component parts as identified for their program.
  • The cost of a reliable internet connection.
  • Ensuring they have the laptop and proper software installed before classes begin.
  • The cost of repairs and maintenance to their laptop and accompanying devices.

For a full list of how your program will be delivered – CLICK HERE