Learn by doing, and earn at the same time.

Apprenticeship is a hands-on training program for people who want to work in a skilled trade and who enjoy learning by doing. Apprentices are workers, so they earn as they learn.  About 90% of apprenticeship training is provided in the workplace by employers. The remainder involves classroom instruction on theory.

The College offers the in-school portion for a variety of apprenticeship programs sponsored by the Ministry of Training, Colleges, and Universities.

Program offerings include:

  • Carpentry Apprentice
  • Millwright (Construction Industrial) Apprentice
  • Heavy Duty Equipment Mechanic Apprentice
  • General Machinist Apprentice
  • Welding / Metal Fabricator Apprentice

Depending on the skilled trade you choose, the length of training will vary between two and five years.  There are three levels to complete, and most levels consist of 240 hours. During that time, you will earn a wage based on a percentage of a journeyperson’s wages.

2020-2021 Seat Plan COVID REVISED

Revised March 2, 2020
# of DaysClassroom FeePlanned MaxPre-Exam
GMAPGeneral Machining - 429AL2TBD40$4001215
MTAPMillwright - 433AL2Aug 31/20Oct 23/2040$4001414
MTAPMillwright - 433AL1Oct 26/20Dec 18/2040$4001418
WMAPWelder/Metal Fab 456A / 437AL1Sept. 14Nov. 2050$5001414
HDAPHeavy Duty Equip - 421A (TUES)L1Sep 8/20April 13/21404001214
TCAPTruck & CoachL1Sep 8/20April 13/21
HDAPHeavy Duty Equip. (WED)L3Sep 9/20May 19/2140$4001012
HDAPHeavy Duty Equip. (THURS)L2Sep 10/20April 14/2140$4001212
CGAPGeneral Carpentry - 403AL2Oct 26/20Dec 18/2040$4001012
RAAP/RRAPRefrigeration/AC -313A and 313DL1Sept. 14Nov. 640$4001418
CGAPGeneral Carpentry - 403AL1Jan 11/21Mar 5/21404001012
MTAPMillwright + PEL3Jan 11/21Mar 5/21454501012Mar. 8 - 12
WFAPWelder 456AL2Jan 11/21Feb 19/ 21303001414
WFAPWelder 456AL3Feb 22/21April 16/21454501414Apr 19 - April 23


The classroom fee for most apprenticeships (Carpentry, Millwright, Heavy Duty, and General Machinist) is $400 per level with the exception of Welding / Metal Fabricator.

Metal Fabricator
Level 1 $50010 weeks / 300 hoursLevel 1$50010 weeks / 300 hours
Level 2 $3006 weeks / 180 hoursLevel 2$3507 weeks / 210 hours
Level 3 $4008 weeks / 240 hoursLevel 3$3507 weeks / 210 hours

Qualifications and requirements

  • Most trades require completion of an OSSD or its equivalent.
  • You must be a resident of Ontario.
  • You must be sponsored as an apprentice.

Credits for academic and skill achievements

Apprentices who have previous work experience and education may be able to receive credits/exemptions which could reduce the duration of their apprenticeship. Otherwise individuals who wish to challenge the in-school apprenticeship program can write exemption exams at all levels. These examinations are available at all community colleges in the province.

Books and tools

Students will have to purchase books for the first level that will carry through to levels two and three.

The college will provides a list of required tools for your program. Some apprentices may be able to loan tools from their employer and some may be required to buy their own tools. The Government of Ontario offers a ‘Loans for Tools’ program to all new apprentices in order to assist them with the cost of purchasing the tools and equipment which they need for their trade.

Apprenticeship completion

You will receive an academic transcript from the Enrolment Centre for each of your levels. Upon completion of level three, you will also obtain a Cambrian College certificate. You will be invited to attend Convocation.

Red Seal designation

The Red Seal is the recognized passport to mobility in Trades across Canada. Not all skills training programs have a Red Seal designate. Visit the Red Seal website to see which trades are designated.

Helpful links / resources

How to apply

Contact the local Employment Ontario apprenticeship office to get help finding a sponsor. If you already have a sponsor, you can apply online.


Apprenticeship Office
159 Cedar Street, Suite 506
Sudbury, ON  Canada  P3E 6A5

Toll-free:  1-800-603-5999
Telephone:  705-564-3030


Ministry of Training, Colleges, and Universities
17th Floor – Mowat Block
900 Bay Street
Toronto, ON  Canada  M7A 1L2

Toll-free: 1-800-387-5514
Telephone: 416-325-2929
Fax: 416-325-6348