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Planning, Institutional Research and Quality

Planning, Institutional Research and Quality at Cambrian

Cambrian’s Planning, Institutional Research and Quality team’s primary mandate is to foster a culture of continuous improvement and excellence in education, research, and institutional quality. We commit to threading and promoting Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI), Indigenous ways of knowing, and accessibility principles and practices in the work that we do. We support an inquiry-based and data-informed practice for all practitioners at the College. We are steadfast in our pursuit of knowledge, quality, and learning excellence, ensuring that our institution remains a leader in education, research, and the promotion of inclusion across teaching and learning.

Institutional Research

The Institutional Research department provides research, and statistical and analytical expertise to support academic activities and sound decision-making processes at the College. We are committed to the highest standards of quality, accuracy, and ethical conduct of research to support the College’s mission, vision, and strategic goals.

Specific areas of focus include academic planning support, performance metric monitoring and reporting; survey development, analysis, and reporting; environmental scans and labour market research; and research ethics committee support and facilitation.

Quality Assurance

To develop and implement quality assurance mechanisms that ensure our institution maintains the highest standards of academic excellence, with an EDI, Indigeneity, and Accessibility lens. We are committed to continuously assessing the quality of programs, quality assurance processes/services, and institutional operations in a manner that is equitable and accessible to all. The Quality Assurance office is committed to ensuring the highest quality of learning experience for students while maintaining the highest integrity of academic programming. To achieve this, we have established robust policies and procedures that actively promote quality assurance. This includes continuous assessment, improvement, and enhancement of program curricula and courses, regular review of program offerings, and the creation of innovative new programs to keep our educational offerings on par with industry and employer needs.

Cambrian Research Ethics

Cambrian College will promote and facilitate the use of research in the College community to contribute to the development and application of knowledge, critically examine practices keep current with merging knowledge relevant to education, and promote professional practice. The College is committed to ensuring that all research meets the highest scientific and ethical standards.

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Dr. June Raymond, RN, PhD

Dean, Planning, Institutional Research & Quality

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705-566-8101 ext.6332
Amanda Paquette

Manager, Institutional Research

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Bryna Patman

Manager, Quality Assurance

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Mark Collins

Research Analyst

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Jennifer Rancourt

Administrative Assistant

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Shahn Butt

Accreditation and Quality Assurance Officer

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