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Since opening our doors in 1967, Cambrian College has evolved into a post-secondary destination for learners from around the world and has become a valued partner to businesses and organizations far and wide, always maintaining one key focus – student success.

The elements of our brand bring the uniqueness of the Cambrian experience to life, positioning our college as a leader in post-secondary education now and for the future.

Learn about some of the key elements of our brand below, and explore the full Cambrian brand in our digital standards guide.

Our brand evolution

In January 2024, we refreshed our brand, which included the launch of a new visual identity for the college. Take a moment to hear about our journey.

Our brand promise

Real, hands-on, human education. For real people. And really great careers. Backed by the most connected and welcoming student experience imaginable.

Our brand values

  • High quality
  • Modern and innovative
  • Supportive

Our brand personality

  • Modern
  • Approachable
  • Supportive

Our visual identity

Our logo is comprised of the “impossible C” shield icon and a wordmark set in our primary brand colours of burgundy and gold.

The two twisting shields represent innovation and the understanding and new perspectives that come with education. They also bear a likeness to the two “C” letters in the college’s name. The shield is accented with a flame, a symbol of the enlightenment that comes with education and study. This flame is connected to the college’s Coat of Arms. The shape of the flame pays homage to the dragon’s mane of the previous logo.

The wordmark is in Visby CF, a clean, modern, and accessible typeface.

The shield and wordmark work together in modern, clean, yet classic and elegant styling to reflect the strong, long-standing history of the college and its forward-thinking vision for post-secondary education.

Learn more about our brand by browsing our digital brand guidelines.

Resources for the Cambrian community

If you are a current Cambrian staff or faculty member, we invite you to download branded templates and materials from our toolkit.

To request other materials or additional support from the Marketing, Digital Media, or Communications teams, submit your request through our online portal.