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Behaviour Intervention Team (BIT)


At Cambrian College, we believe our campus should be a safe place to study and work. It should also be a place where students can receive the support they need to succeed, especially when they are going through difficult times. With this in mind, Cambrian has established a Behaviour Intervention Team (BIT) to anticipate and deal with situations involving students and others on campus who are demonstrating signs of distress, or disruptive and dangerous behaviours that could pose a threat to the safety and well-being of themselves and others.

Goals of BIT

  • Prevent crises before they occur, through proactive outreach and educational programming, consultation, appropriate referrals, and intervention on request
  • Ensure members of the Cambrian family have access to appropriate services to ensure the safety and well-being of themselves and others
  • Provide/Offer consultation, appropriate referrals, and interventions on request

What We Do

  • Coordinate Cambrian’s response to a significantly distressed person, who may be demonstrating signs of threatening or violent behavior*
  • Review reported behavioural incidents and identify behavioural trends that may pose a potential risk of harm to self, others, and property at Cambrian College
  • Consult with administration, faculty, staff and other students affected by the disruptive behaviours
  • Coordinate the resources of Cambrian to address the needs of students who are experiencing significant behavioural disturbances
  • Develop a strategy and processes to address threatening, disruptive, distressed, or dangerous behaviour, in accordance with appropriate college policies and applicable laws

*if the danger is imminent, Cambrian Security should be contacted immediately.

How We Work

When called upon, The Behaviour Intervention Team can do the following:

  • Meet with the students involved to discuss:
  1. student needs
  2. campus services
  3. college expectations
  • Follow up with the student
  • Refer the student to various programs or services on campus (including, but not limited to, counseling services, mental health services, and student conduct)
  • Notify the parents or next-of-kin (regardless of the student’s age) or initiating the action necessary to connect the student with services capable of dealing with the student’s needs and behaviour
  • Recommend that a student be given the option of taking a voluntary leave of absence from the college, or be required to withdraw.

What you can do if you have a concern about a student’s behavior.

  • If you have immediate concerns call (705) 566-8101 ext. 7911.
  • Contact a BIT member directly, or email
  • Contact your immediate supervisor, who may then refer the information to a BIT member.

Members of the BIT

The BIT reports to, and will be chaired by, the Vice President of Human Resources and Student Services. The BIT will include:

  • Vice President, Academic
  • Vice President, International, Finance & Administration
  • Vice President, Human Resources and Student Services
  • Director, Ancillary Business
  • Director, Glenn Crombie Centre
  • Director, Facilities Management
  • Manager, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion
  • Manager of Public Safety
  • Dean, Academic
  • Cambrian International

Other College officials may be asked to serve on the team by the Vice President, Human resources, Student Development, in specific situations as needed.