MERX Electronic Bid Submission

Cambrian College (Cambrian) uses the MERX Electronic Bid Submission (EBS) capability. This allows your organization to submit its bids to Cambrian online rather than through a paper submission. It is a fast, secure and fully audited environment in which suppliers can upload bid documents to buyers.

Read the complete guide or watch a short tutorial on how to acquire your PIN and submit a bid electronically.

Cambrian College will post its tenders online with MERX; suppliers will see many benefits including:

Notification of Amendments

  • Automatically receive notification of any amendments pertaining to an opportunity that you have ordered. Alternatively as a value-added service, you can choose to automatically receive the amendment.

Ordering Hard Copies or Electronic Documents

  • Order tenders and choose from our comprehensive delivery options: electronic, fax, hard copy pick-up, courier, or regular mail. Please see the MERX pricing page for fees applicable to delivery methods other than download.

Account/Order Management

  • MERX keeps a detailed log of all the orders you have placed, making it easy to reconcile placed orders and charges. In addition, this feature can be used to double-check that you have received all portions of the tender documents, including amendments.

Opportunity Matching

  • This service notifies you when an opportunity that might be of interest to your organization is posted on the MERX service. You provide MERX with a specific profile and we do a daily search for you. MERX will notify you free of charge by email, fax or online of any opportunities that match your profile.

How to Access Cambrian College Tenders

Go to Creating an account is free, but to obtain full access to the documents, including the ability to download them to your desktop, you must be registered with MERX using one of the following options:

  • Subscribe to the MERX monthly subscription at a rate of $18.95 for unlimited access to all Public Sector tenders, including Cambrian College opportunities.
  • Pay a $49.95 “Pay As You Go” fee for access to an individual tender.

How to Submit a Bid

Bids must be submitted electronically through the MERX tendering system. The cost to submit a bid electronically is $25. Proposals submitted in any other manner may be disqualified. For assistance in using MERX, please watch the Electronic Bid Submission tutorial. Alternatively, you can contact MERX directly at 1-800-964-MERX or visit the MERX website.

Cambrian College looks forward to continuing relationships and improving efficiencies as we strive to improve our business processes and further develop relationships with our vendor community.

If you have any questions about the MERX Electronic Bid Submissions or the MERX Tenders Service, please visit the MERX website or contact MERX Customer Support by phone at 1-800-964-6379 or by email at