Trade Courses

Air Brakes Z Endorsement | GOM6344

The Ontario Ministry of Transportation requires drivers who operate vehicles with air brakes to have the air brake endorsement (Z) on their current driver license classification. Students learn how to operate air brake systems safely and to identify faults. Upon successful completion of both the written and practical tests, student information is provided to MTO through its online information system. Successful students must go to a DriveTest Centre, within six months, and have the Z endorsement added to their license. A full G license is required to take this course.


12 hours plus 1 hour practical test

Level III Rigging

This course will train participants in the safe use of rigging hardware.  To determine the safest hitch configuration.  To be able to identify and control hazards within the surrounding area, load and during the act of hoisting.  To calculate sling tension based on math calculations, angles and charts.  To be able to plan, classify and execute a lift.  Terminology, definitions, legislation and different ways to communicate will also be examined. To determine load weights, as well as learn how to tie rigging related knots.


3 Days

Topics/Concepts Covered in This Course

  • Safety
  • Rigging Hardware
  • Hitch Configuration
  • Load characteristics
  • Communications
  • Lift Plan
  • Lift Execution
  • Knot Tying
Ozone Depletion Program | GOM3038

This environmental awareness training course, based on Environment Canada’s “Code of Practice for Elimination of Fluorocarbon Emissions in Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Systems”, deals with environmentally-correct equipment design, proper handling of refrigerants, and will prepare participants for complying with provincial regulations covering refrigeration and air conditioning systems.  Each attendee will receive the Participant Manual to refer to in class and take home.


1 Day