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Remembering Marie Tincombe-Shaw (Lamacraft)

Though Marie is deeply missed by her friends and family, her spirit lives on in them and many others she touched throughout her life. Marie was an inspiring and courageous woman and her family is grateful for the opportunity to honour her memory with the annual distribution of bursaries through the Marie Tincombe-Shaw Memorial Bursary Fund.

Marie was given the spirit name “Mshkode Kwe” or “strong-hearted woman” by the staff of the Wabnode Institute when she retired from Cambrian College in 1995. Growing up in Copper Cliff, Marie’s character was forged in the likeness of the ore beneath her feet and those who extracted it – strong and lasting. Her parents, Jack and Audrey Lamacraft, were powerful influences in the development of Marie’s personality and work ethic.

When Marie was 16, she left Copper Cliff to live in England for two years. She attended high school and lived with her grandmother and uncle. Marie loved England and her time away allowed for the development of a close relationship with her father’s family. It was also the first of many travel adventures that Marie would experience throughout her life.

Marie returned to Copper Cliff and attended high school until joining the work force in 1953. She married at the age of 19 and had five children by the time she turned 28. Always willing to lead by example, Marie fulfilled her dream of pursuing a professional career and was accepted as a mature student into the Social Work Program at Laurentian University in 1969. She completed the final two years as a single parent and graduated in 1973 with her proud children at her side.

After graduation, Marie worked in Sudbury as a Social Worker at the Cecil Facer Detention Centre and then at the Children’s Aid Society. She joined Cambrian College in 1980 as a Professor in the Social Services Program, where she taught until 1985. Marie held various administrative positions at Cambrian, including Acting Chair of Special Programs; Chair, Wabnode Institute and Support Programs; Chair, Preparatory Programs and Special Needs and Director of Special Needs and Equity. During her tenure at Cambrian, Marie played a pivotal role in the development of both the Wabnode Institute, which was established to serve First Nations students and communities, and The Glenn Crombie Centre for Disability Services – a lasting legacy that continues to impact the lives of Cambrian College students every day.

Marie respected the students at Cambrian for who they were as individuals. She treated them with dignity and offered guidance to help them achieve their goals. She inspired them to believe in themselves so that, down the road, they would do the same for others.

Marie was a respected member of the community and committed volunteer whose efforts served the Sudbury and District Association for Community Living, Copper Cliff Museum Board, Sudbury Youth Services, Sudbury Arts Council, Elizabeth Fry Society and IODE. A former President of the Sudbury Provincial Liberal Riding Association, Marie was politically active both federally and provincially.

Marie’s personality allowed her to see the silver lining in any cloud. She never backed down from a challenge and believed that no obstacle was insurmountable. She is remembered for the support and wise advice she gave during her professional career and to her family and friends. She took great pride in the accomplishments of her family members and instilled in them a sense of hope and optimism.

Though Marie took on many crafting projects over the years, her artistic gifts blossomed in retirement when she pursued painting and collage. She created many inspiring works of art which are treasured by her family and friends.

Marie is remembered for her outgoing personality, sense of adventure and sharp mind. She was interested in people and the hopes and dreams they carried. Through the bursary fund that bears her name, it is our hope that many Cambrian College students will have the opportunity to see their dreams fulfilled.

Marie’s children Deborah, Judy, Melanie, Michael and Suzanne are actively involved with the ongoing work of the Cambrian Foundation.