Music – Performance

This program provides aspiring musicians with well-rounded, yet in-depth specialized training in the art and business of music performance. You have the opportunity to receive one-on-one classical training on a major and a minor instrument chosen from the following options: brass, classical guitar, piano, percussion, strings, voice, and woodwinds. Performance skills are developed in weekly performance classes and through frequent performance opportunities. You will also gain valuable ensemble experience via choirs, orchestras, chamber groups and bands.

Concerts and recitals presented throughout the school year showcase Cambrian's Music students and faculty. In addition, the Cambrian Concert Series enhances your educational experience by featuring distinguished guest artists who host workshops and perform recitals.

Music theory and history courses will deepen your understanding of style and musicianship as it applies to your chosen specialty and beyond. Regardless of training background or skill level, specially-designed theory courses ensure that all students can be accommodated. Courses in language, teaching methods, and business skills equip you for both the teaching and business aspects of the music profession.

Whether performing, composing, teaching, or working in some other facet of the music industry, all musicians require an education that not only develops their skills, but also strengthens their perceptual, imaginative, and expressive powers. The Cambrian College Music-Performance program delivers an educational experience that is tailored to the multifaceted, competitive arena that is the world of music.

What's in it for you?

Career outcomes*

  • Studio musician
  • Community musician
  • Private teacher in studios, music schools and conservatories
  • Touring performer
  • Music related positions in publishing, media, advertising, retail and music agency industries.

This Cambrian program is the only classical performance advanced diploma program in the province.

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Program start date

September 2019

Available delivery options

  • Full-Time

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