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Mobile Application Development – Graduate Certificate

The Mobile Application Development – Graduate Certificate program and its app developer courses will prepare you for entry into the exciting and rapidly changing field of mobile app development for iOS and Android platforms.

In the first two semesters of this program, you'll learn and apply the fundamentals of web and mobile application development for smartphones and tablets. You'll also develop essential programming skills required for rapidly changing mobile applications. In semester three, you'll be provided with a field placement to get hands-on experience as a professional app developer and build industry connections.



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What's in it for you?

Career outcomes*

  • Mobile app developer (Android/iOS)
  • Mobile web developer

Average Salaries*

Across these career outcomes, salaries in Canada range from:

$41,000 to $80,000

A mandatory work placement will offer hands-on professional mobile app development experience and industry connections in semester three.

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Program starts

May 2023

September 2023

January 2024

May 2024

Learning options

  • Full-Time
  • Graduate opportunity

Minimum technology requirements

  • Regular access to a computer with a reliable Internet connection and capable of running the latest versions of all the software indicated below.
  • Communication: Web Cam, Headphones/Earbuds, and Microphone
  • Type: Personal Laptop Computer (when on-campus classes resume, you will need to bring your computer to the classroom)
  • OS: MacOS Big Sur (or newer) and Windows 10 Education (see below)
  • Hardware: Apple MacBook (must officially support MacOS Big Sur or later)
  • Processor: Intel-based (preferred), or M1 (not suggested)
  • RAM: 16 GB of memory (32 GB preferred)
  • Storage: Solid state drive (SSD) 256 GB or larger with 128 GB free
  • Software: Visual Studio 2019 (will be provided), xCode (will be provided), Android Studio (will be provided), Microsoft Office (will be provided), and Windows 10 Education (will be provided) through the use of one of the following methods: BootCamp (will not be provided), VMWare Fusion (will not be provided), or Parallels (will not be provided)

Required software will be provided by Cambrian College. Instruction on how to obtain software will be provided to you. Some software that you may access as part of your program may not be compatible with every device. If you have any questions about these technology requirements, please email or call (705) 566-8101, ext. 7303.



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Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

Cambrian College has implemented a BYOD policy to ensure a rich and flexible learning experience. Learn more about BYOD by clicking here.

System requirements for Assistive Technology

To access the widest range of Assistive Technology (AT), a Windows-based computer is recommended.

  • Recommended OS: Windows 10 or newer
  • Recommended CPU: Intel or AMD multicore processor
  • Recommended RAM: 8 GB
  • Recommended Storage for Assistive Technology: 8 GB of available Hard Drive of Solid State Drive Space (please note this is not the total drive size and refers specifically to available space needed for assistive technology)
  • Recommended Audio: Speakers or Headphones for Text-to-Speech and Microphone for Speech Input

While Apple computers can provide many AT options,  some specialized software may not be available/compatible with this platform.  Please consult with the Glenn Crombie Centre for further details.

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