Transfer credits and advanced standing

Transferring credits? It’s easy at Cambrian!

We value your past experience. We have transfer agreements with colleges and universities across Canada and internationally to help you get the right education to meet your career goals.

  • If you are a college or university student or graduate, you may be eligible for program transfer or course-to-course transfers.
  • If you have already completed a credential, you may want to consider a post graduate program or explore options to get advanced standing in a degree or advanced diploma program.
  • For students with partially complete studies we have options for course-to-course and program based transfers.

Advanced standing uses previous credits earned from a recognized and accredited postsecondary institution and/or previous life or learning experience to exempt a student from courses and place him/her in a semester beyond their first.

How to apply for advanced standing

  1. Choose a program that you would like to apply to with advanced standing
    • Read through course descriptions and find Program Coordinator contact information in the program outlines
    • Review the tip sheets for credit transfer and for Prior Learning and Assessment Recognition (PLAR)
    • Consult with your Program Coordinator about the course exemptions you could potentially receive
  2. Apply to your program of choice at
    • Be sure to indicate you are applying for advanced standing
  3. Once you have been offered a seat in the program and have a student ID number, you can go through the steps to meet with the Pathways Officer and register for PLAR, or request transfer credits through the Program Coordinator
  4. Your advanced standing request must be approved by the applicable Program Coordinator/Dean
  5. Once processed you will be scheduled into your semester of advanced standing

Accelerated diploma opportunities

If you are a university or college graduate, you may be eligible for direct entry into the second year of one or more of the following programs. For further details and “next steps”, please contact the Admissions Office at 705-566-8101, ext. 3003.

Contact us

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More information about advanced standing

How do I know if I should apply for advanced standing?

You should apply for advanced standing if:

  • You are transferring to the same or a similar program at Cambrian College and have completed more than one semester of studies

  • You have completed a program that is similar to the program at Cambrian College you are interested in

  • You have significant life/learning/work experience in a field relevant to the program to which you would like to apply

  • You have a combination of all the above

How will I know if my exemptions have been processed?

You can view this information in your myCambrian portal once it has been processed under your unofficial student transcript.

  • Course exemptions will be marked with TC

  • Prior Learning and Assessment Recognition (PLAR) portfolios and challenge exams will be marked with the actual final grade received

What is the difference between advanced standing and an exemption?

Advanced standing involves using credits from a recognized and accredited institution and/or PLAR experience (life/work/learning) toward exemptions from courses in your Cambrian College program beyond the first semester. Note that exemptions do not always result in advanced standing.

Can I be exempt from my entire program?

No. You must meet the residency requirement of completing at least 25% of the program requirements at Cambrian College.