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Cambrian College offers hundreds of flexible, part-time options to help you upgrade your skills, ignite your passion for personal growth and reach your educational goals. Courses are offered on-line to be as flexible as possible and to support your busy lifestyle. You can reach your goals in a number of different Certificate programs at your own speed. Courses start throughout the year, giving you the opportunity to take one course or several.

If you do not already have a student number, please email with the following information:   

  • First, Middle and Last Name  
  • Full Address (Street, City Name, Province, Country and Postal Code)  
  • Date of Birth (dd/mm/yy)
  • Gender
  • Telephone#
  • Preferred Email Address
  • Are you a Canadian Citizen?

Forgotten your student number or password?  

Please email with details about what you need assistance with and your: 

  • Full name or alternative previous names 
  • Date of birth 


Not sure what course to take? View all of our course offerings in the online catalogue.


Note: Please note you will need to use Internet Explorer as your browser and have Adobe Flash installed to navigate the Continuing Education registration system (Flexreg portal). Registration via the Flexreg portal must be completed on a desktop or laptop computer.  You cannot register using a phone or tablet device.

If you are unable to access the registration catalogue, you can send your payment via online banking and confirm your registration request by emailing the details to Please see below for more details.   


Now that you have a student number and have chosen your course it’s time to register!  

  1. Click on the appropriate course catalogue (example: All Courses → FLEXREG SPRING 2020)  
  2. Type in the course code or description (if you use course code, please put a space after the first 3 letters – ex DEC 1001, OR type in the CRN number)  
  3. Move your mouse to the course you want and click the Magnifying Glass to see details  
  4. Click the Add button to add the course  
  5. Click the Register button on the bottom right of the screen. 
  6. Enter your student number.  This is your 8-digit student number beginning with an A – example A0001001 
  7. Enter your password. This is your date of birth MMDDYY (2 digits from each) – unless you have changed this. Please note that while the login ID is the same for both your myCambrian and Flexreg, the passwords are housed separately. Changing one password does not update the other. You must remember each password separately.


If you are unable to register using the online system, you can register by email:  

  1. Make a Payment through your online baking app for the total cost of the course.  To find the cost of the course please visit our online catalogue or click here for instructions on how to make a payment.
  2. Emailing the following details:  
  3. Student number 
  4. Full student name  
  5. Date of birth  
  6. Course code  
  7. Course section and/or start date  
  8. Confirm payment has been made and confirm the receipt number 

Need Assistance?

If you are having any issues registering, we would be happy to help! Please contact our team at with your student number, and the course you would like to take. Our team will provide instructions on how to pay via online banking, and then manually register you for the course.

For more details about the registration process click here.

For more details about how to make a payment click here.

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Not sure what to take? View all of our course offerings in the online catalogue.

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