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Internationalization Innovation Fund


The Internationalization Innovation Fund (IIF) provides opportunities for Cambrian faculty and staff to establish initiatives at home and abroad. The goal of the fund is to bring the world back to Cambrian, thus impacting the Cambrian community in new, meaningful and innovative ways. The hope is to foster projects that integrate an intercultural and international aspect into the Cambrian community. *Source


An element of Cambrian College’s 5-year strategic plan is to broaden Cambrian’s outreach. Within that strategy is a goal to develop an internationalization strategy, with the vision to create a global experience for the Cambrian community.

The overall strategy looks to weave the global experience into reciprocal learning and training opportunities, recruitment strategies, operational effectiveness and the student experience. The Cambrian International team is launching the “Internationalization Innovation Fund”, under the umbrella of reciprocal learning opportunities.


A selection committee of 8 members from various departments across the college, chaired by the Director of the Cambrian International department, will assess the ideas and projects based on the following criteria. The idea or project should:

  1. Address and promote internationalization at home or abroad
  2. Involve “New” and/or “Innovative” ideas
  3. Be practical and feasible
  4. Positively impact or involve the college community including students, faculty, and staff
  5. Be financially viable – larger proposals may require requests through the budget cycle.



Internationalization will ultimately leverage the collective assets of the higher education sector to create a new generation of global citizens who will, in turn, contribute to the advancement of social and economic development for all.
NAFSA Association of International Educators