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Graduate Certificate Webinar

Business Management

Human Resources Management • Global Business Management • International Business Management • Organization Management • Professional Accounting Practice • Project Management • Public Relations • Supply Chain Management

A career in business can take you in many different and exciting directions. This session will highlight opportunities to hone your skills in diverse areas of business management that will set you up for careers in any type of industry around the world.

Meet Your Hosts!

Human Resources Management

Carrie-Lynn Hotson
Carrie-Lynn Hotson, Interim Program Coordinator

Carrie-Lynn has a combined 25 years of experience as an HR manager, leader, mediator, facilitator, and coach. She holds a CHRL designation, is a graduate of the Human Resources Management Certificate, has a BA Honours in Psychology and Law , and is a published author of a business guide. She operates an HR coaching and consulting business designed to help organizations and their leaders address issues of retention, hiring, conflict and succession planning.


“I have nothing but positive things to say about this program. I entered this program with a four-year degree, but felt I gained more knowledge in this one-year program! This entire experience was well versed in real-life, tangible workplace knowledge that will build the foundations for a career in Human Resources. If you are someone wanting to pursue the CHRP designation, this program is for you. Everything you need to know for this designation is in this program and transferred to students in a way that is applicable and practical. Every course is detailed and tailored to fit various workplace situations, and delivered by teachers who have ample knowledge about each subject and can answer any questions you may have.”
– Sabrina

Organization Management

Brian Vendramin
Brian Vendramin, Program Coordinator

I am a Professor in the School of Business, a Cambrian Alumnus and Program Coordinator for Organization Management Post Diploma Graduate Certificate Program.

Loradonna Botter
Loradonna Botter, Faculty

A seasoned HR and organizational effectiveness professional, Loradonna has designed and facilitated globally acclaimed training programs for all levels within organizations and has been teaching for over 20 years. Her formal education includes a doctorate in business administration, a Master’s degree in organizational/Industrial Psychology, and an adult training certificate.


“This program is suitable for anyone looking to get their feet wet managing in an organization. When I entered this program, my knowledge related to business was very poor. I was previously a certified personal trainer and decided it was time to change. Organizational Management (MOGC) gave me the push, knowledge, and resources needed to pursue my entrepreneurial spirit. I did learn a lot about what is necessary to run a business today, from marketing to financing to economics and more. The group work in this program drives the point home. When you are with an organization, you are a team, and this program helped develop my leadership and teamwork skills. Whether you have some business knowledge or none, the professors will make sure that you understand and succeed.”
– Fred

“Choosing the Organization Management program has been one of the best decisions I have made. This program has changed my perspective of how I saw the business world. The classes and their content fit perfectly with what I needed. If you are looking for learning that is not only based on hypothetical facts, but this is also your best option, since we use material from Harvard Business. It includes case studies that allow you to be a consultant and create solutions and suggestions for the problem or conflict of a client who needs to decide about his/her business or the company he/she works for. In addition, it also includes simulations for decision-making of certain businesses, I really enjoyed doing them. I invite you to join this great program and community, and that soon your experience will be shared as well.”
– Natalia

International Business Management

Jari Sundholm
Jari Sundholm, Program Coordinator

Jari Sundholm is currently a Professor and Program Coordinator for the International Business Management Post-Graduate program. Jari has an International MBA with extensive international work experience.


Diya Susan Saji
“I am always privileged to be a part of Cambrian College as it has helped and moulded me a lot in my professional as well as personal life. Being a student of International Business Management program, I have gained a lot of knowledge in all the aspects of business. I am personally honoured to get such a wonderful faculties as they have helped me a lot in the beginning of my course as an international student. And I believe this program will help me to gain success in my future too”

– Diya Susan Saji, International Business Management, Current Student

Luciana Palotino
“I was amazed by all the things I am learning through this course and the professors’ experiences. The approach is “hands-on,” with people from various countries, which promotes a vibrant and insightful environment for me as a student. Straight forward classes to get to the point of doing business globally and acquiring managing knowledge to be ready for any business opportunity, anywhere in the globalized world we live in now. Support from Cambrian in all aspects of this journey has been excellent and helped me in many ways going through daily issues. From my point of view, it was a perfect choice for improving my career.”

– Luciana Palotino, International Business Management, Current Student

Project Management

Mike Wilson
Mike Wilson, Program Coordinator

Mike has worked in several different industries over his long career, including construction, automotive, and information technology. With close to 20 years experience in the IT field, he holds numerous certifications, as well as his PMP designation. As an alumnus of Cambrian, he is proud to be a member academic team, and looks forward to sharing his experiences with students in the classroom.


Project Management Program student let me grow professionally and personally and receive from the hands of excellent professors the tools and skills to achieve the challenge proposed to obtain the PMP certification.”
– Johanna, 2021 Graduate

The project management post graduate program gave me really good exposure to the practical implementation of the project management concepts in real life with different ways of learning through case studies, examples and industrial standard softwares. The program helped me to look back at what I studied and enhance the implementation by using project management strategies. Overall, the whole experience, the way faculties taught, the discussions and knowledge sharing together gave me a new vision and approach to work and life – Muskan, 2022 Graduate

My experience in the Cambrian College for the project management graduate program was tremendous. Being a Biomedical engineer and having experience in managing the healthcare sector I understand the importance of project management skills since they help businesses, including the healthcare industry to control costs, manage risk, and improve project outcomes. In addition to that, organizations can systematically plan, organize, and execute a set of tasks by adopting project management strategies ranging from waterfall to agile methodologies, maximizing resources, and attaining certain goals. – Allan Mary George, 2022 Graduate

Global Business Management

Craig O’Neill
Craig O’Neill, Program Coordinator

Craig is a professor in the School of Business at Cambrian College. He holds a Bachelor of Commerce in Finance from Queen’s University and a Master’s in Operations Research from University of British Columbia. He held various positions in the field of operations research and education before recently joining Cambrian. His two girls keep Craig very busy, and he also enjoys the outdoors, travelling, and playing and coaching basketball.


“Having the opportunity to take this class and go through the simulation program and case studies opened my mind to not just focus on concepts and theory but to apply all the knowledge and to experience what it’s like to be in the field. ”
– Amber Quin Padilla, 2020 Graduate

“I absolutely enjoyed the simulation module and the case studies because I was able to see the whole picture step-by-step of a production plant and the consequences of each action. I figured out how to make production processes more efficient and effective, and I believe that will be key when we go out into the real world on supply chain job sites. This new supply chain management program will be incredibly suited for the new worldwide situation. New things are coming, and the supply chains will need to adjust.”
– Jorge Romero, 2020 Graduate

Public Relations

Nancy Griffin
Nancy Griffin, Program Coordinator

Nancy is an accomplished communications professional with 25+ years of experience in various roles, including as a broadcast journalist, a media relations specialist and in consumer relations and managerial roles. She loves mentoring young people and is thoroughly enjoying her current position as professor of media communications and public relations at Cambrian College. As a holder of a Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology, and a Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying) she also enjoys supporting students with a wide range of concerns outside of the classroom and runs a part-time private psychotherapy practice.


“Best. Decision. Ever. After eight months of learning hands-on applicable skills, I finally felt ready for the real world, and the best part was that it was ready for me, too. I landed a job before graduating and have been happily working in the fun and exciting field of PR ever since. Four years later, I have worked for local-level governments, Global Affairs Canada (at the High Commission of Canada in Australia), and am currently working as the manager of marketing and communications for Canada’s #1 private business accelerator, the Accelerator Centre.”
– Laura Elvidge, 2016 Graduate

“I enrolled in this program immediately following the completion of my bachelor’s degree. In 8 months, I learned things that are crucial to my career in public relations, including writing media releases and pitch letters, graphic design techniques, how to be an effective speaker, and so much more! I feel more employable than ever, and ready to begin my career as a public relations professional.”
– Jurnee Parisotto-Charron, 2020 Graduate

Supply Chain Management

Fatehjit Kochar
Fatehjit Kochar, Program Coordinator

Fatehjit currently coordinates the Supply Chain program and teaches courses in the Supply Chain and Project Management programs. He worked in the industry for 20 years in global project management, sales, and operations in the engineering, construction, and manufacturing sector, before starting post-secondary teaching in 2018. He has PMI’s PMP and ACP credentials, in addition to a Master’s in Business Administration and a Bachelor’s in Engineering. He likes to teach passionately, sharing his industry and life experience examples and enjoys musical instruments and family time.

Professional Accounting Practice

Chris Morin
Chris Morin, CPA, CGA, Program Coordinator

Chris has over 20 years of accounting experience working in several different industries at various management levels. He has a CPA, CGA designation and an Honours Bachelor of Commerce degree from Laurentian University. He is currently a professor and program coordinator for the Accounting Programs at Cambrian College. He brings his work and industry experience into the classroom giving students real life experiences. Working with students to achieve both their academic and professional goals is a truly rewarding experience.