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Graduate Certificate Webinar

Analytics and IT

Business Analytics • Cybersecurity • Crime Analytics • Health Analytics • IT Business Analysis • Mobile Application Development

Day-to-day operations of organizations rely on good data and processes more than ever before – along with skilled employees who can use all of the information and technology available to them to move their organizations forward.

This session will give you an overview of our suite of analytics and IT graduate certificate programs, including the ways big data and IT often work together and complement each other in the workplace.

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Business Analytics
Crime Analytics
Health Analytics

Meet Your Hosts!

Myles Peterson
Myles Peterson, Program Coordinator

Myles has always been interested in computers. He started his journey with MS-DOS on an intel 286 computer in grade school that he ended up breaking because he was always trying to make it run faster. He has learned that breaking something and then fixing it will encourage you to learn much more and understand why things work the way they do.

He has brought this concept into the classroom, starting with teaching Firewall and networking courses over ten years ago.

These concepts translate well to the Cybersecurity field. Hackers are always trying to keep one step ahead of the network defenders by pushing software to the limits of breaking to cause unintended results that allow them to penetrate networks.

Our hands-on cybersecurity courses will teach you the latest tools and technologies from this fast-paced and quickly changing field and allow students to get the practical experience they need in the workplace.

Business & Crime Analytics
Sidney Shapiro
Sidney Shapiro, Program Coordinator

Sidney is excited about the many different ways data can be used to solve problems. He is a program coordinator at Cambrian and also a PhD candidate in the Human Studies program at Laurentian University where he teaches courses ranging from advanced Excel, Python programming, social media analytics and marketing, and research ethics and methods. From fun and creative approaches to programming with chicken and broccoli, to advanced Excel dashboards with movie production and restaurants, Sidney brings fun and exciting data to the class in an approachable way.


Jupsimar Singh
This program has helped me develop both the skills and confidence needed to analyze complex business problems and implement solutions. The professors guided us through practical assignments and provided valuable examples. I highly recommend the Business Analytics post-graduate program from Cambrian College for anyone who is looking to gain knowledge and advance their careers. The professionalism, knowledge, superior training tools, and genuine interest in students – succeed in setting learning “above the competition. “I have learned several approaches in learning various aspects of problem-solving while keeping up with the new trends and practical approaches. Furthermore, the program goes beyond the learning curve and provides more in-depth knowledge of creating dashboards, reports, presentation to communicate your valuable feedback to the audience.

– Jupsimar Singh, Business Analytics, 2021 Graduate

Jessica Monteiro

“This program exceeded my expectations. It is extremely hands-on and focused on problem-solving. I use and develop analytical skills in almost all courses, which is 100% aligned with my management consulting background. I am learning many useful tools such as Python, SQL, R, Power Query, and Power BI in a limited timeframe. Furthermore, the program goes beyond tools and teaches how to properly raise hypotheses and present analyses and findings through written reports, dashboards, and oral presentations.”

– Jessica Monteiro, Business Analytics, Current Student

Taryn Glazier

“I found the Crime Analytics program very interesting and enjoyable, not only with the information being taught but by whom it was presented by. The faculty is very student success focused, which encourages all students to want to do well. If you put in effort, you will be rewarded. This program is also heavily oriented on applied learning, which allowed me to do more problem-solving and have more of an understanding of what will be expected of me in the workforce.”

– Taryn Glazier, Crime Analytics, 2020 Graduate

Health Analytics
Jason Corcoran
Jason Corcoran, Program Coordinator

In addition to being the program coordinator for the Health Analytics graduate certificate program, Jason is an Anatomy & Physiology professor in the School of Health Sciences and Emergency Services. Originally from southern Ontario, but absolutely loving the North, Jason has been an educator in numerous environments and at various levels.

IT Business Analysis & Mobile Application Development
Nathan Abourbih
Nathan Abourbih, Program Coordinator

Nathan is a hands-on professional who has an in-depth understanding of business processes, products, and services. He has extensive experience using technology to solve problems for diverse areas within organizations including human resources and administration, customer service and sales, fleet inventory and maintenance, and inventory and shipping. Nathan’s technical skills include Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Azure, .NET C#, Xamarin, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Microsoft Windows Server, Linux, VMWare, and many more.


“Before taking this course, I thought I already knew the basics of IT Business Analysis and felt pretty confident in my ability to implement a composting program at work. I actually learned a lot of very valuable and essential information and still use the course manual and training sheets. The presenters and trainers were incredibly experienced and knowledgeable in the field of composting, and the chance to meet and network with other individuals in the same position was a huge advantage.”

– IT Business Analysis Student