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Graduate Certificate Webinar

Learn how adding to your Primary Care Paramedic training can advance your career and increase your salary. Program coordinator Jason Lane will take you through the elements of advanced training built into this program, and answer any questions you have.

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Cambrian College Paramedic Lab – 360 Virtual Tour

Meet Your Host!

Jason Lane
Jason Lane, Program Coordinator

Jason brings nearly 20 years of paramedicine experience to the program, including practice in land, flight, rural, and urban settings. He remains clinically active as an ACP with a land-based ambulance service, and has over a decade of experience as a paramedic educator. Jason also carries a Master’s of Education, and is an avid cyclist and the current Canadian record holder in the Race Across America. The program is known nationally and has drawn people from British Columbia to Quebec, and from all corners of Ontario.

Preceptor Testimonial

“I received a phone call yesterday from Dr. Al-Dhahar from Petrolia complementing one of your students, on his skills, knowledge, and professionalism on a chest pain call that went into cardiac arrest in the emergency department. Dr. Al-Dhahar said he considered your student a colleague and that his knowledge was as good or better than medical residents he has worked with.”
– Jeff R Brooks, A-EMCA, CMM III, Deputy Manager, Emergency Medical Services Department
The Corporation of the County of Lambton