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Being Well at Cambrian represents the wellness programs and initiatives for our entire Cambrian Family (students, employees, and Alumni). Our well-being foundation sits on eight pillars of wellness that guide us to show up for ourselves and others as the best version of ourselves and to flourish. 

8 Pillars of Wellness

There are 8 Pillars of Wellness. This passport will help you to actively connect to each pillar in your own way that is comfortable to you.

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Catherine Poulton

Catherine is the Wellness Coordinator at Cambrian College. Catherine has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology and Law from Laurentian University, Bachelors and Masters of Education. She is a Certified Resilience Trainer, and certified in Applied Positive Psychology. Under Catherine’s leadership as Wellness Coordinator, Cambrian has created a culture of wellness on campus, based on eight pillars: social, intellectual, financial, emotional, spiritual, career, physical, and environmental.

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Wellness Colouring Page

Take some time to learn more about Wellness at Cambrian with your own colouring page!

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What are the benefits of being a Student Wellness Ninja? 

Wellness Ninja

You will receive training designed specifically for the Student Wellness Ninjas. The topics will focus on the science of social connections, empathy and sensitivity as well as training on supports and resources.

You will be able to participate in events and initiatives that fit your schedule. We ask that you are involved in a minimum of two missions per semester. These missions must be completed in addition to the two-hour training session in order to receive an official Co-Curricular Record on your transcript.

The initiatives you are involved in will provide you with invaluable new skills: teamwork, leadership, organization and time management.

One of the greatest benefits of helping others are the positive emotions that these acts induce. Volunteering has been shown to help you become more resilient and to increase your overall physiological health and well-being.

Interested in becoming a Student Wellness Ninja?

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Wellness Calendar

Each month we focus on one wellness pillar as a theme. You will find resources, ideas and events related to the pillar for that month.

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