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Learning Strategy Training & Resources

What is a Learning Strategy?

A learning strategy is an individual’s way of organizing and using a particular set of skills in order to learn content or accomplish other tasks more effectively and efficiently in school as well as in non-academic settings (Schumaker & Deshler, 1992).

Learning strategy instruction focuses on strategies that facilitate the active learning process by teaching students how to learn and how to use what they have learned to solve problems and be successful.

These strategies involve teaching how to develop a plan for studying for a test, monitoring understanding of the content, clarifying the materials, and evaluating work. This type of self-regulated learning is the key to successful life-long learning and includes the development of such strategies as goal setting, self-instruction, and self-monitoring. (Graham, Harris, & Reid, 1992)

What is the role of the Learning Skills Advisor?

Learning Skills Advisors teach students how to learn, rather than teaching them specific curriculum content or specific skills. Based on referral information from the Accessibility Advisor, the Learning Skills Advisor plans a sequence of sessions designed specifically to help the student develop and/or refine the individual learning strategies he/she needs. The Learning Skills Advisor then meets with students on a regular basis throughout the semester. Learning Skills Advisors can help students develop strategies for:

  • reading and comprehending text
  • studying and remembering information
  • writing and taking notes
  • improving assignment and test performance
  • effectively interacting with others
  • motivation
  • problem-solving
  • time management and organization
  • self-advocacy

Learning Strategies

Learning Strategies

How do you know if you need to use learning strategies? Learning strategies are ways to learn information or accomplish tasks more effectively and efficiently. Learning strategies can help when you require help with the following:

  • Itakes a long time to read 
  • Iis difficulto:
    • Understand what you have read
    • Explain what you have read 
  • It is difficult to:
    • Get started
    • Get finished
    • Know what is important
    • Know how much is too much
    • Edit work 
    • Workin groups 
  • It is difficult to:
    • Keep up with the teacher in the classroom 
    • Read my notes 
    • Understand my notes
    • Study from my notes 
  • It is difficult to:
    • Attend all classes
    • Keep up with all courses
    • Hand in projects and assignments on time
    • Manage school, work and leisure activities
    • Arrive on time
  • It is difficult to:
    • Find things such as keys, paper, pens, papers, books etc. 
    • Organize binders and projects etc.
    • Get things done, yet have so many great ideas about what should be done 
  • It takes too much time to read and understand the textbooks 
  • It is difficult to remember so much information 
  • It is difficult to:
    • Concentrate during a test 
    • Complete tests on time
    • Remember information when writing the test but have no difficulty remembering the information any other time 
    • Interpret the questions 
    • Answer some types of questions compared to other types of questions e.g. multiple choice or essay questions 
  • When I have difficulty in the class, I get “stuck” and give up 
  • It is difficult to form a group 
  • It is difficult to get things done  
  • It is difficult to:
    • Ask for accommodations 
    • Explain how my disability impacts my learning 
    • Ask questions 

How do I arrange to meet with a Learning Strategist?

Based on disability-related needs, your Accessibility Advisor may refer you to a Learning Skills Advisor. Students who are registered with The Glenn Crombie Centre for Accessibility, Counselling and Wellness can book an appointment in Clockwork.

Together with your Learning Skills Advisor, you will plan a sequence of sessions designed specifically to help develop and/or refine the learning strategies you need.


We have great resources in our Moodle shell. Please click here to access our resources!

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