Virtual Open House

Honour your strengths, plan for your future, and set yourself up for career success!

This FREE, four-week, hybrid (part virtual/part online) program runs from October 19 to November 13, 2020, and will offer you:

  • Personal and career exploration
  • The chance to discover various pathways to college and employment
  • Virtual campus tours and classroom shadowing at Cambrian College
  • The opportunity to self-reflect on your strengths and skills
  • A positive learning experience while you refresh your English and math skills
  • An introduction to student support services and success advisors at Cambrian
  • Daily interaction with faculty and other staff members at Cambrian

The following is a week-by-week breakdown of activities offered throughout the program:

Week 1

Personal exploration, which includes completing Career Surveys using MyBlueprint, getting to know each other through fun activities such as GooseChase (a virtual scavenger hunt), refresher in English and math, and laying the groundwork for the next four weeks.

Week 2

Career exploration and next steps, which will include workshops and presentations by Cambrian’s Career Centre and Employment Options. You’ll have an opportunity to meet with an Employment Counsellor and will continue working through activities which will focus on your future.

Week 3

Activities will involve getting to know what resources and support services are available to students at Cambrian. You’ll also explore what resources are available should you choose to seek employment or an apprenticeship.

Week 4

Goal setting and creating an individual plan for your future will be the feature this week, ending with a graduation ceremony!

Students will meet with staff and faculty each day from 1:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. or 3:00 p.m. via Zoom (online videoconferencing software) and will be led by a professor through other activities totaling 20 hours weekly.

Students who apply to a college program after completing Focus Forward will have their $95 OCAS application fee paid.

To register or find out more:

Mary-Liz Warwick, Student Success and Transition Navigator
(705) 566-8101, extension 7895

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