Skills and Trades Training

Want a career where you are in demand and well paid? At Cambrian College, graduates from our Skills and Trades Training Program get jobs. We offer more than a dozen programs across a wide spectrum of trades including carpentry, electrical, heavy equipment, welding, industrial mechanic and millwright, heating and ventilation, and many more.



You get hands-on learning and the opportunity to collaborate with industry partners through applied research.
Adam Lacasse Millwright

Skilled, Trained and Job-Ready

At Cambrian College, you’ll learn your trade from those who have worked in the trades. You’ll harness your skills from some of the most skilled craftspeople and professors in Ontario.


Co-Op Diploma Apprenticeship Option

For eligible trades programs, you can combine your college diploma program with apprenticeship training and co-op experiences. When you graduate, you will have completed all of the in-school requirements of your apprenticeship. You will only need to complete the competencies component to be eligible to earn your Certificate of Qualification.