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  1. Students have until the end date of their course(s) to write their exam, online or otherwise, unless an exam date has been set by the instructor. In such instances, Cambrian will adhere to the specified exam deadline.
  2. Students will have the option of writing their exam in the Testing Centre at Cambrian College within the scheduled hours or of writing it off-campus under the supervision of an approved invigilator. Permission to write exams off-campus will be granted to those individuals for whom travel is difficult or to those individuals who live outside of the Region of Sudbury. Students within the Greater Sudbury area should write exams at the Barrydowne Campus. Please complete the Testing Centre Pass form and bring it with you along with any other documentation listed to your examination.
  3. Students will be required to provide a completed Off Campus Examination Agreement (PDF) for permission to undertake exams off-campus.
  4. If you are not a registered Cambrian College student, please fill out the non-Cambrian student exam request form.
  5. For OntarioLearn courses, academic policies as stated by Cambrian College will take precedence over any policies stated by host colleges.
  6. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that he/she has confirmed with the instructor the length of the exam as well as the format. Students must complete the exam within the time frames stated for the Testing Centre. Students will not be allowed to leave the Testing Centre and return to continue with the exam.

All exams are closed book (no additional aids allowed) unless otherwise specified by the instructor on the examination cover sheet. Students must bring some form of photo identification. The instructor may be referred to (prior to the exam) for details concerning the duration of the exam and the course content covered in exam.
Our Testing Centre can accommodate only certain software. Please confirm with the Continuing Education office that “practical” exams can be completed in this facility. Alternative arrangements (i.e., off-campus invigilation) will be made should the appropriate software not be available in our Testing Centre.

Online Exams

For some of the web delivery courses, the final exam may be taken online. In these instances, the student has one of two options, both of which require supervision.

The first option is to complete the exam in our Testing Centre at the College during the stated Testing Centre hours. The second option enables the student to complete the exam off-campus provided an appropriate invigilator has agreed to supervise the exam. Please refer to the following section for details.

Out of town

Independent Learners who, for reasons of distance, cannot access the Testing Centre at Cambrian’s Barrydowne campus must provide the name of an invigilator (such as a teacher, supervisor, clergy, etc. who is not a relative or personal friend) to supervise the writing of the test(s).

Students may write course exams at another college. If this is your intention, please advise so we can send you the “Exam Request Form”. The form will provide the college with basic information so we can ensure the exam is there and ready for you to write. You must abide by the scheduling hours and rules of the Testing Centre where you are writing. Photo Identification is typically required.

For Paper Based Exams:
Following College approval of the designated invigilator, exam papers will be sent to the location designated on the enclosed Invigilation Agreement. It is the invigilator’s responsibility to return the exam(s) immediately for marking, in the envelope(s) provided.

For Online Exams:
Following College approval of the designated invigilator, the student and the invigilator must set a time, date and place for the exam (keeping in mind instructor set deadlines). The invigilator will be required to send the Continuing Education office an email confirming his/her presence during the exam and attest to the completion of such.


Note: Any fees resulting from off-campus exams are the responsibility of the student and not the college.

Please complete the attached information sheet and return to:

Cambrian College of Applied Arts and Technology
1400 Barrydowne Road
Sudbury, ON
P3A 3V8
FAX: (705) 524-7334
Attention: Continuing Education

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to call:

(705) 566-8101 (Toll Free 1-800-461-7145), extension 7373