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Certificate Programs FAQ

Have questions about whether to “Register” or “Enrol”? Learn more from our frequently asked questions below:

When you register, you get on a class list for a course and are provided with the information you need to begin your studies in that course. At the point of registration, we will ask you for some basic information and details on the course you want to take. This is also when you will be required to pay fees to take the course. By our definition, you become a Cambrian College student when you register for a course.

Yes. You cannot take a course without registering. This is how you get the materials and instruction you need to complete the course.

Our courses are not open ended. This means that there is a start and an end date for each course, and you must complete all requirements by the end date. There may also be deadlines or scheduled events (such as a test or a virtual class) within the course. Your instructor will communicate all of this to you.

Simply said, you’re letting us know that you are planning to take all courses in a program with a goal of getting a certificate at the end. This helps us support you in your studies and keep you on track for completing the program. It also gives us the opportunity to make sure you meet all program requirements so that once you finish your courses you can get the certificate. We use this list to help us plan future offerings and to communicate any changes we may be making to the program.

Only the process is different. The process of applying for a program is more formal due to the nature of the program you would be taking and a few other requirements. However, with most programs we offer through Continuing Education, the requirements allow us to change how you indicate your interest in pursuing the certificate.

No. But see above for the benefits of signing up.

Whether you enrol or don’t enrol for a program, you have up to 60 months to complete all courses required under that program if it leads to a Certificate of Completion or a Certificate of Achievement. The counter starts with the first course you take in the program, not with when you enrol. You can get more information on this in our Academic Standing and Promotion Policy – these certificates are included under “Board Level Certificates” in Section 10.3 of the policy.

There is no cost to enrol.

If your plans change after you enrol, no harm no foul if you don’t register. However, we may reach out to you to ensure we didn’t miss providing you with information to get you started on your studies.

Absolutely! These other courses will not count towards the completion of the certificate, but you are welcome to take other courses that are of interest to you.

Unfortunately no. All of our Continuing Education certificates have a prescribed program of study. In other words, we have already selected the courses we think fit together for you to gain the specific knowledge and experience for the end certificate. If a substitution is requested, this requires approval from our Academic area prior to you taking the course.

Yes, you can enrol for more than one program. However, you will not be considered a student in both programs until you register for courses in each.