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Career Fair Conference 2023-Employer Registration

  • Organization Information

  • Website provided will be available to students prior to event in preparation for networking.
  • Representatives

    Program Advisory Committee (PAC) Members fee is $350. All fees include taxes. ** For additional representatives, the cost for breakfast and lunch is $75/per person.
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  • Requirements

  • Recruitment

  • On the Spot Interviews

  • Booth Setup Option

  • Employer Pre-Conference Session.

    Monday, February 6, 2023, from 6:00-8:00pm - Join us for dinner, meet other employer representatives, and engage in a guest speaker session. Fee included in your registration fee (for up to two (2) representatives). Additional representatives will be subjected to the additional $75 fee for the Career Fair Conference booth registration.
  • Would you be interested in attending an employer pre-conference session?
  • Virtual Information Sessions

  • Would you be interested in hosting a virtual/in-person information session?
  • Sponsorship

  • Would you be interested in sponsoring the Career Fair Conference (ie. Advertising, promotional materials, meals, participant gifts/coupons, student bursaries).
  • Payment

    Invoices will be prepared for registered employers by our Accounting department and will include all relevant information and payment details.
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